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It’s the easiest way to get UGC

When your customers are too busy living in the moment to document their experience, ttagz reminds them to snap a photo and share it with you.

What is the purpose of this app?

ttagz is a UGC tool that’s designed to help small (but beloved) brands connect with customers and get UGC. In exchange for creating content for your business, your customers can access rewards that give them more of the product they love.

How can ttagz improve UGC for companies?

It’s easy for big brands like Coca Cola or Disney to tap into the power of UGC. But for smaller brands? While your customers may love what you offer, their brand experiences often get hidden behind the walls of a private Instagram account.

ttagz gives customers a reason to generate content for your brand — and a way to share it with your team for easy access. You’ll have ownership of all the content that’s contributed through ttagz, so sharing it on socials becomes as easy as clicking “Post now”.

Can the app help in moderating and managing UGC?

We love real, authentic customer photos — but not all of them are museum-quality. ttagz has an innovative AI tool that scans images and makes sure they’re usable for your campaigns at scale. You can set parameters, then let the AI control it at scale.

How does UGC benefit companies?

Consumers are craving real, authentic content from their favorite brands — not perfectly manicured and styled photography. ttagz lets you show off the real people who love your product already and attract similar people who might love your product just as much.

Can I incentivise customers to create UGC using this app?

Absolutely. ttagz lets you offer a reward in exchange for UGC. Some of our customers have offered a chance to win football tickets, entry for a month’s supply of beer, and even the opportunity to win a lifetime supply of Coca Cola.

Can the app integrate with social media platforms?

ttagz doesn’t integrate directly into social media platforms (yet, at least). Instead, you’ll see all your content in an online dashboard. You can then download the content, edit it to match your brand styling, then upload it to your social media streams.

What are the advantages of using a UGC tool?

An excellent UGC platform offers valuable insights and analytics for users, aiding in audience understanding and strategy optimisation. It providescustomisation and moderation tools for content control, ensuring relevance and appropriateness. This guarantees access to high-quality, authen-tic user-generated content that resonates with audiences. Moreover, UGC tools simplify content rights acquisition, minimise restrictions and en-able legal showcasing across marketing channels.

What makes ttagz different from other UGC platforms?

Numerous online UGC tools rely on influencer networking, social media content gathering and content aggregation. What sets ttagz apart from other UGC platforms is its unique capability to empower brands in consistently and organically harnessing genuine UGC from their own customer base. Additionally, ttagz offers businesses the flexibility to tailor the specific type of content they desire from their customers with the help of AI.

What are some best practices for implementing the ttagz UGC tool effectively?

Establish precise goals for our UGC tool, such as enhancing brand visibility or ensuring ongoing content creation. Foster active customer involve-ment by informing them about the rewards programme. Maintain a steadfast commitment to using ttagz to maximise our UGC platform's potential.Continuously fine-tune your incentive approach to achieve optimal outcomes.

What industries or types of businesses have the most success with ttagz?

Another element that sets ttagz apart from other UGC platforms is its versatility, as it seamlessly adapts to a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, hospitality, FMCG and many others. The ttagz UGC tool enables businesses of all sizes to unlock UGC at scale, consistently and ef-fortlessly.