Influencer Campaign Brief Generator

Create detailed briefs for your influencer marketing campaigns for optimal results.

Industry Standard Campaign Briefs

Seamlessly Craft Influencer Marketing Campaign Briefs

Introducing the ttagz Campaign Brief Generator - a cutting-edge tool designed to drive successful influencer marketing campaigns. This platform utilises advanced algorithms and data analytics to generate comprehensive briefs tailored for influencer collaborations of your choice. Whether you’re working with nano, micro or macro influencers - our tool is the perfect assistant.

Key features & Benefits

Customisable Brief Templates: Generate detailed briefs effortlessly, with customisable templates covering campaign objectives, content guidelines, deliverables, timelines, and compensation terms. Just choose a campaign goal, describe what you need, and a brief is instantly generated. 

Speed & Efficiency: No longer do you have to waste time manually preparing influencer briefs. Our tool generates everything you need instantly to maximise efficiency and impact. 

Adaptability: It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with nano, micro or macro influencers, our campaign brief generator adapts to whatever your needs are. 

Automated Communication: Streamline communication with influencers through integrated messaging features, ensuring clear expectations and smooth collaboration.

Industry Standard: Our Campaign Brief Generator is in line with industry standards. We guarantee high-quality and detailed briefs for each influencer. 

User-Friendly Interface: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to access and utilise the ttagz Campaign Brief Generator. 

And it's free! No hidden fees, no contracts, no trials - our Influencer Campaign Brief Generator is entirely free for anyone who needs it.