January 18, 2023
Social Media Management

Bars That Went Viral - A Social Media Marketing Hack

Go viral with these social media marketing tips for your bar business.

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The social media strategy aims to exploit the characteristics, popularity and strengths of social platforms to win the interest of the company's target audience.

Whether you love them or hate them, Social Networks today are part of the daily life of almost all of us: there are few who, at least once a day, do not access Facebook to update themselves on the latest news, to spy on that classmate of middle school and, above all, to follow one's favourites and the brands of the heart.

Let's talk about your communication

Yes, because Social Media has also become part of companies by right. That said, despite the large number of users who populate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms, going viral is challenging. However, there is a trick: the Social Media Strategy. Planning every activity on Social Networks can become your trump card to exploit their full potential.

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Why is it important to plan activities on social networks?

There are still many companies that rely on improvisation when publishing their posts on social networks. In fact, many think they must be present only because "everyone is there" and "even the competitors have their own profile". I'll tell you a secret: it's better to be absent on Social Media than to be present in a negative way. This is why it is necessary to pursue a Social Media Strategy. We, therefore, trash the posts that are scheduled in the evening, before sleeping, within 10 minutes. We also trash improvised posts, which do not take into account the target audience and do not have pre-established objectives. We also trash all those posts left at the mercy of the waves: those involved in Social Media Marketing must spend most of their time doing tests and, subsequently, monitoring every single post. Only in this way is it possible to achieve concrete results.

Speaking of concrete results, we specify the benefits that a self-respecting Social Media Strategy can bring to your business:

  • Increase brand awareness and help you build a strong web presence. The user who, over and over again but not invasively, is faced with your company's posts automatically memorizes the brand. When he finds himself in the position of having to buy something related to your core business, he will remember the brand and decide to give you a chance.
  • "Humanize" your brand. This is one of the main benefits that Social Networks have managed to bring into our lives. Indeed, thanks to social platforms, you can create an instant relationship with your potential customers: answering their questions, assisting them, and making fun of an event with them increases your popularity and makes your brand "human". Finally, the user can interface with someone real.
  • Increase traffic to the site. This is a fundamental step: the Social Media Strategy is linked to other web marketing strategies and leads the user within the site. It is here, in fact, that a commercial negotiation will start if the potential customer is interested.
  • You create excellent customer service. Social Networks can also be used as a foothold for those users who find themselves in difficulty with certain purchasing procedures or have technical problems.
  • You go viral. I know this word might sound negative: "viral" often resembles a cold or chickenpox. And the concept is exactly the same, even if seen in a positive way: a company goes viral on Social Networks when its posts get thousands and thousands of interactions and, above all, shares, and users start talking about the brand even beyond outside the walls of the social platform. All of this, of course, is impossible without thorough planning. Just like with a cold, you can tell yourself viral if, when you publish a post, it passes from user to user.

Bars That Went Viral on Social Media

In London, we find curiosities of all kinds. We will locate the most viral bars and theme venues in the capital. Let's start!

1. First Aid Box

At 119 Dulwich Road, we find First Aid Box, a Peaky Blinders-inspired bar. On Friday and Saturday nights, they do cocktails, oysters and dinner. They are specialists in healthy foods and others not so healthy, with alcohol as the protagonist. On the menu, they even differentiate medical recommendations from those that are not at all. We can eat both meat and fish there, although the best thing is to enjoy a good medicinal cocktail.

2. Dr Kluger's Olde Towne Tavern

Hidden in the depths of Canary Wharf, Dr Kluger’s Olde Towne Tavern is a cool interior and cocktail bar. To enter it, you have to pay a visit to The Breakfast Club. There you can try unique drinks at night and enjoy vintage interiors and a warm welcome.

3. Flight Club Bloomsbury

A unique night in London is what we will find at Flight Club. It is the perfect place to eat a pizza or have a cocktail. You can set up your party in two places: Bloomsbury or Shoreditch. The best are the dart games that you can get into between slice and slice of pizza.

4. The Bootlegger

One of the best vintage bars in London. The Bootlegger is a surprising step back in time. It is ideal for a good cocktail.

5. Victorian Bath House

Investigate behind the velvet curtains and discover a world of vintage luxury Victorian Bath House is rich in materials and antique decorations from around the world.


In conclusion, social media has the power to make or break a business. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-planned social media strategy to help businesses achieve their goals and attract more customers. With the right approach, businesses can make the most out of social media platforms and reap the benefits of increased visibility, customer engagement, and brand loyalty.

I hope this guide has helped you make up your mind!

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