May 11, 2023
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Top Digital Marketing Agencies for UK Restaurants

Here are the Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Restaurants in the UK.

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The days when serving delicious food and offering quality service were enough to keep restaurants full of customers are long gone. Of Course, they still are important to keep your restaurant thriving but restaurant owners have to focus on many other things crucial to their business success, such as the restaurant's digital marketing.

 In the past, word of mouth alone could drive many customers to the restaurants. However, in today’s world of social media, it has become crucial for restaurant owners to make their mark online. Otherwise, the chances of them disappearing right within a few years of their launch are high in this highly competitive market. Now, you must be wondering how to build your restaurant’s online presence. In that case, you need tempting images, compelling copywriting, and attractive offers to attract a large number of customers to your restaurant. 

However, it is easier said than done. Many restaurant owners try their luck but fail miserably to build an online presence for their restaurants themselves. Do you fall into a similar category? Stress no more. In the UK, there are tons of digital marketing agencies that can help your restaurant flourish. Scroll down to find out about the best digital marketing agency for restaurants!

5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Restaurants in the UK

Competition in the food industry is undoubtedly quite fierce. Therefore, to survive in this stiff competition, it has become essential for restaurant owners to make their businesses stand out from the rest. It is where digital marketing agencies come in handy.  Hiring the best digital marketing agency for restaurants will help your food business ranks high among all the competitors.

However, as mentioned above, there are gazillions of digital marketing agencies in the UK to help restaurants build their online identity. However, not every digital marketing agency is reliable enough to invest your money in. To help make you the right choice, here are some of the best digital marketing agencies for restaurants that are known for their top-notch services:


ttagz is undoubtedly one of the most popular digital marketing agencies for restaurants. It specialises in social media marketing services for businesses in the hospitality industry. While this digital marketing agency is newly launched, it has helped many food businesses boost their engagement online, drive customers and increase profits.  This digital marketing agency for restaurants has highly qualified and experienced marketers in their team to help deploy the best marketing strategies to meet the specific needs of the restaurant.

While many digital marketing agencies for restaurants might use inorganic marketing tactics, ttagz only believes in organic marketing. Therefore, it might take them a little time to produce the results, but it will add sustainable growth to your business. Currently, ttagz has successful brands like WalkAbout, The Juice Jar, and Inamo Sukoshi in its portfolio and is continuously acquiring more clients.

If you want to build your restaurant’s online presence but have a limited budget, ttagz is the perfect option for you. This digital marketing agency not only offers top-notch marketing services but also provides cost-effective solutions to cater to all preferences and budgets. Contact ttagz to elevate your restaurant digitally.

Restaurant Genie

Another popular digital marketing agency for restaurants is Restaurant Genie. Since 2003, Restaurant Genie has been in business and offers full-service solutions to UK restaurants. They have many highly experienced industry professionals in their team that understand the biggest challenges of the hospitality sector. From social media advertising to web development, content creation, photography, videography and Search Engine Optimisation, they have the capability to get all your restaurant’s digital needs covered.

Like ttagz, Restaurant Genie also has many successful brands, including Cinnamon Lodge, The Tamarind, Mario, Bayleaf and much more in its portfolio. Also, this digital marketing agency offers different restaurant plans (social media advertising, management, and full service) to cater to different needs and budget constraints. However, the restaurant plans of this digital marketing agency are still highly expensive and may not fit everyone’s budget. If you want a top-notch quality digital marketing campaign for your restaurant and budget is not an issue, you can get Restaurant Genie on board to give your restaurant the digital push it needs.

Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap is a UK-based digital marketing agency that helps restaurants increase their reach and profits. This digital marketing agency for restaurants was founded in 2001 to help new food businesses make a name for themselves in the highly competitive market. Since then, it has helped many popular businesses like KFC, Harvester, and Hillier to attract customers to their tables and promote takeaway services. 

Vertical Leap uses advanced SEO and PPC campaigns to ensure their clients’ businesses stand out and increase profits. As professional marketers in Vertical Leap have a deeper understanding of the restaurant industry, it can prove to be a  reliable partner for restaurant owners to improve their online presence and boost business growth. The marketing experts at Vertical Leap will always value their client’s commercial objectives and will put in their best efforts until all these goals are achieved. 

Snack London

Another much-hyped digital marketing agency for restaurants in the UK is Snack London. It has been in business since 2011, offering full marketing services to restaurants. From cafes to pubs, nightclubs, and hotels, they offer various marketing services to help businesses reach a larger target audience online. Their services include social media management, pay-per-click advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Email marketing, photography, videography, and marketing training. With a passionate team of marketing experts, Snack London has successfully added big brands such as Temper, Martha’s, Serata Hall, and Whyte Brown to its portfolio. Using highly advanced SEO and PPC techniques, Snack London can help many new businesses beat the top competitors at their game. Once you get Snack London onboard, all your restaurant’s digital needs will be well taken care of.

Digital Plus

Another reliable digital marketing agency for restaurants is Digital Plus. It is based in Nottingham, UK and provides marketing solutions to restaurants and hotels. This digital marketing agency has many young professionals in their team to help elevate your business digitally. While many digital marketing agencies might focus on result-driven approaches, Digital Plus focuses on customer satisfaction. Therefore, throughout the process, they keep updating clients and resolving any concerns they have in their minds.

Moreover, they offer various marketing services to restaurants, including web design development, social media and brand management, online feedback management, and more. If you want innovative and creative digital marketing campaigns for your restaurant, Digital Plus is a great option for you. The young and bright professionals from diverse backgrounds will bring a lot of innovation to your restaurant along with increased profits.


In today’s world, running a successful restaurant is challenging. You will have constant pressure to stay one step ahead of the competitors. If you fail to do so, you will lose all your loyal customers to them in the blink of an eye. Also, according to many reports, 77% of dinners check the restaurants’ online platforms before visiting. If the online platforms of the restaurants do not attract them, they start scrolling for other options.

Therefore, it has become essential for restaurants to work on their online presence. For that, they have no choice but to hire a digital marketing agency. However, how do you know which digital marketing agency to contact? To help narrow your search, we have dished out the UK's top 5 digital marketing agencies. Now, it is up to you which digital marketing agency you choose to build your restaurant’s online identity. The best approach is to contact all the options from the list, get details from them and narrow it down further until you find the ONE that suits you the best!

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