March 23, 2023

Marketing Strategies for Bar Owners

Check out our top 10 marketing tips for marketing your bar in 2023.

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Having a visible brand is every entrepreneur's dream. But what have you been doing about it? It may be that you haven't taken the first step yet because you believe that you will have to invest a lot of time in the visibility of your business, but meanwhile, time is passing and sales are being lost. And there's more: this task can be much simpler than it seems, just check out the 10 marketing tips for bars and restaurants to realise that.

The bar marketing tips you should follow to increase your business visibility

Be on social networks

Today, presence on social networks is practically mandatory, both in terms of interacting with your customers and in terms of attracting even more audiences.

But, with regard to visibility itself, just having profiles created and interacting is not enough: invest in ads and promote your publications so that they reach more people.

Have a website

And speaking of mandatory things, we couldn't leave the website aside... Not that it will make your brand more visible, but it fulfils a good part of that role.

Imagine, for example, that someone wants to write an article about the restaurants and bars in their region, including yours: this initiative will make your business more famous, but if the phone number and website are not informed to readers, the effort will be of no use...

Have a blog

And within that site, you cannot miss a good blog filled with unique content created by you or someone on your team, focused on the most diverse subjects related to your business and that can educate or help your audience in some way.

These contents make your brand more visible in the sense that they become relevant and gain space in search results in mechanisms like Google and, in addition, provide you with much more authority.

Be in the media of your city

Yes, the good old offline promotion still works, and a lot!

In your city or even in your region there are certainly radio stations and newspapers that you can use in your marketing strategy through paid ads or even some kind of partnership.

Be on delivery apps

Many bar and restaurant owners do not see apps such as iFood and Uber Eats as good allies, but the truth is that they can indeed generate good sales and also make your brand much more visible.

Study the rates and your own numbers before signing up.

Distribute graphic materials

This tip is undoubtedly considered one of the most “archaic” of all, but it also works!

And this distribution of pamphlets or any other material can be done in a way that does not bother people and does not cause dirt on the city streets…

If you have a vegetarian restaurant, why not partner with a Vegan Store so that these materials can be given to customers? If you have a bar whose main audience is men, ask the owner of a barber shop to leave some flyers… There are many opportunities to explore!

Create promotions that generate word of mouth

The more creative the promotion is, the more subject it will generate and thus your bar or restaurant will become better known.

It is also worth betting on promotions in which the participant needs to tag an acquaintance on social networks or take someone to visit the place, such as “bring a friend and get a shot of tequila”. After all, in both cases, people will be seeing your brand for the first time. This is also called User-Generated-Content UGC.

Sign up for Google My Business

This is one of the main marketing tips for bars and restaurants that we could give you, as Google My Business is directly linked to Google Maps and searches made by users.

Is your vegetarian restaurant in Liverpool? So, when registering, whenever someone searches for “vegetarian restaurant in Liverpool” or “restaurant in Liverpool”, there are great chances that you will appear at the top of the page, already with much of the information that the customer needs to reach you.

Work keywords on the internet

And speaking of internet searches, we could not fail to give you this other tip, and here we are referring to actually investing in keywords, and not expecting them to bring customers to you organically, as happens when you have a well-crafted blog.

You don't need to invest a lot, and with a little study, you can take care of this task yourself using, for example, Google Adwords.

Create events

Did you do an opening event? If so or if not, why not invest a little time and money to market yourself that way too?

And here, once again, there are many possibilities to be explored... You can take advantage of commemorative dates such as Valentine's Day or special events such as the finals of sports championships to create your event. But remember to publicize it, whether promoting it on social networks or paying for some media in your city.

That way, those who still don't know your business will come to know and attend if the event really draws attention.


All these marketing tips for bars and restaurants will help you to make your business more and more known, but the advantages go beyond visibility.

With these tips, you will also be standing out from the competition that many times, because it is already known, does not invest more in publicity as it should. Gaining more prominence and visibility there is also, consequently, an increase in sales, contributing to its profitability.

And that's why, among other reasons, it's so important that you have impeccable financial control, otherwise you won't be able to see the profit at the end of the month and all efforts will be in vain.

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