November 27, 2023

Top 10 B2B Platforms in the UK for 2024

Explore the transformative impact of COVID-19 on B2B transactions in the UK and discover the top 10 B2B platforms for 2024.

William Yates
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Top 10 B2B Platforms in the UK for 2024

Top 10 B2B Platforms in the UK for 2024

2020 Covid-19 changed the entire pattern of how business used to run in the UK. Buyers and sellers saw an extravagant change in B2B transactions. They are adopting new technologies, and spending less time searching for their targets. This goes for every size of business whether small or enterprises. With 2024 around the block the content discovers into the top 10 B2B platforms for the UK. 

How Do B2B Companies in the UK Prefer to Buy?

The latest trend followed by the UK for making a buying decision is video conferencing. It is said to be a critical channel for buyers involved in making a B2B purchase. This is also preferred over audio calls. Now, very few businesses agree to meet in person or have long-length calls, and clarify that they prefer a cross-channel mix rather than just using one channel. 

List to 10 B2B Platforms in the UK for 2024

Here is a curated list of the Top 10 B2B Platforms in the UK, the platform locations are not only limited to the UK but are from around the world. These platforms are significant with credibility, and catering in the UK without a hassle. 

1. eWorldTrade

To begin, eWorldTrade is among the largest B2 marketplaces in the world, working in and for the UK. The platform is created as a channel for buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and retailers. It can be called the most suitable platform for B2B platforms in the UK in 2024. They have created a sound system for tackling every business transaction step. Anyone who joins will discover the platform's extravagant features and functions. 

Each segment on the platform is set to cater to a worldwide audience. They help in providing voice to each brand, helping them set foot in the market. So, once you join enjoy amazing product diversity, customer support, order automation, and affordable fee. 

2. Global Sources

Global Sources is also another great addition to the list of B2B marketplaces in the UK. They deal in B2B mode and allow buyers and sellers on their platform from around the world. With its distinct system in the categorization of the products, Global Sources is leading Asia. UK buyers and sellers can make a safe checkout with them. In their distinct product category, each product is placed in their section. The sectioning helps in easily targeting and finding products. To add a greater aspect to the platform, they also have launched their app, making it easier to browse everything.

3. eSources 

eSources is a dedicated platform for the UK and has a verified directory of manufacturers, suppliers, dropshippers, and wholesale offers. We have gathered all information related to distribution, dropshipping, importing, and wholesale. Each segment has its place on the platform. As a buyer, users can contact wholesale suppliers for free. They also allow access to a large crafted directory with verified wholesalers, and dropshippers. 

Moreover, suppliers also have included on the database free of charge by contacting us with your basic information. They have the largest portal in the UK, in terms of base and traffic. You can also upgrade to their premium services and have an incredible experience. 

4. AliExpress 

AliExpress is an extension of Alibaba and is updated as a B2B platform. It is an incredible platform catering to buyers and sellers from around the world and is a great place for small businesses to begin with. AliExpress has created a seamless system for businesses. They offer a wide range of products including electronics, healthcare products, toys, and more. Buyers and sellers from different countries with a supported online payment method. AliExpress users can pay through flashcards, discounts, and many other prestigious services. A mobile app is also created to help in carrying out a better business experience. Coming to cross-border trade, AliExpress facilitates international trade allowing customers to shop from different nations and countries. 

5. EC21

EC21 is an emerging platform in the UK, that connects international business and create connections. While it is not located in the UK, but serves as an expansive online platform. The platform covers a wide range of industries offering the best products from around the world. Through EC21, businesses in the UK can discover opportunities for trade, source products, and establish partnership deals with businesses from around the world. EC21 has created a dynamic world of trading with features like product listings, company profiles, and trade leads. It serves as a valuable source of trading for businesses that are looking to create a robust channel for their business. 

6. Made in China 

Made in China is also another B2B platform for the UK, and is a Chinese brand working around the world. The platform is not located in the UK but has created a great channel and acts as a bridge between the two business parties. It attracts businesses with its tools and features. Made in China caters to more than one language. Users can find an array of products from various categories such as computers, clothing, furniture, and more. Made in China is open to international trade, and offers multiple payment options for users. So, whether you are in the UK or looking for trade opportunities from Asian or European businesses utilize the best form Made in China. 

7. Alibaba 

Alibaba has expanded itself over the years and now serves international clients. Alibaba is one of the most recognized online B2B platforms. They have been helpful in connecting businesses from around the world including the UK. A vast number of businesses have been on the platform working for years now and opening their doors for international trade from Asian and American markets. Alibaba also has expanded its network to other platforms. When searching through the platform, there are thousands of products available found under different niches. They have kept users’ intent at the top, and have allowed access to their directory so anyone can browse through. 

8. Amazon Business 

Amazon Business is an offspring of Amazon and is incredibly working in the UK. Many attributes justify why Amazon Business is one of the best online B2B platforms. They have created support programs for buyers and sellers, that facilitate in creating a successful business transaction. Businesses from around the world frequently join Amazon Business and have opened numerous avenues for their business. 

9. eBay 

eBay is another B2B platform to consider for the UK in 2024. It has shifted from a B2C platform to a B2B platform. They have an abundance of services at their platform with a vast variety of products on their platform. Shipment and delivery time are well-looked after at eBay and is a top choice for the UK. 

10. ECVV

ECVV serves every size of business, and in the UK, they have marked quite a successful name. A business that looks to start on a smaller scale can begin from ECVV and set itself in the market. ECVV is a rounder platform catering to suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and more. 

In the End: Top 10 B2B Platforms in the UK for 2024

The UK is a huge market for online B2B commerce. There are many businesses looking to explore and create business opportunities within the UK, or outside the UK. Whether you are a buyer or a seller these platforms will work out for you no matter what is your location. 

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