August 30, 2022

Pub Promotion Ideas

Need help promoting your pub online? Read more to find out how.

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One of the best things that exist within digital marketing is the diversity of strategies that we can use in the most diverse types of business. An example of this is digital marketing strategies for pubs.

Whether your pub is small, medium or large, having a digital strategy to win more customers is essential; after all, who wouldn't want to have more and more customers all the time?

There are several ways to reach your audience on the internet, as the user is usually on several different channels. First, you must know who your audience is on the internet. What websites does he like to visit, what social networks does he use, and what kind of language does he accept? All of this is very important when planning your pub's digital marketing campaign.

Once you've identified your audience and networks, it's time to act. Let's point out 5 strategies you can use to promote your pub's name on the internet.


This point is pretty obvious, but we couldn't help but mention it because everyone loves promotion.

Paying less is always interesting, as long as the service is performed well. For example, if your pub has a Facebook page, you can run discount promotions in which the customer must take the image published by the pub to get a discount on the spot.

That way, you'll know how many customers are watching you on Facebook and will personally go to the pub.

Another idea is to advertise on-site promotions and ask for user interaction. For example, Today at XYZ Pub, you have 50% off on your third beer! Tag your friend who will pay for the first two!

The ideal is always to communicate and ask for a response from the public so that the page is not "talking to itself". By the way, this is a very important point: to appear to more users on Facebook, there is the "Boost Post" feature, which is a great tool to promote your posts. As a result, the investment is usually low and generates a good reach of users.

Display Network

If you have a little-known pub and want to get more people in touch with your brand, you can work with a campaign on the Google Display Network, running banners of your bar on websites related to your business.

You can choose campaign targeting, display time, frequency cap, and other features. In addition, the Display Network is a very wide-reaching medium, and the costs are lower than if you decide to buy private space on advertiser sites.

Social media

If your pub is not on at least one social network, you need to change that urgently. But be aware that the content posted on your page must be planned, it's no use publishing anything. The digital audience is increasingly demanding, and they want, more than ever, to relate to brands.

Create a fan page to interact with your audience and be engaged with the reality of social networks. Pay attention to what your audience likes to see on their newsfeed. Don't fall for the bullshit of using a fan page just to promote yourself; you should be there to get closer to your customers.

You can achieve organic growth by doing a good job on social media. Get the content right and be present at the times when your audience uses the network the most. Address relevant issues and create a personality for your bar's fan page. Doing the right job and pleasing your posts will get you a good response from the public on Facebook or Instagram!

By the way, you can also use other media, like Instagram!

It's worth remembering that Instagram is a social network of images, so don't write too much in the posts you make. Post new drinks, and photos of employees playing, enjoy the topics of the moment and hit the hashtags. Instagram is a great tool to make your bar's profile more humanized and not something plastered and businesslike.

Even in social networks, you can work with Twitter, but in this case, you must have a person exclusively to be on that network for as long as possible. Twitter's audience is generally very demanding and doesn't like advertising. They are even on this site for its simplicity: a timeline with short messages and some advertising from time to time.

Be careful with the management on Twitter, as a misstep of the bar's profile can put everything down and become a bad meme.

Social Proof

Let's imagine that you've already built up a good reputation on the internet and are able to attract more people to your pub through your digital marketing campaign.

Now think that these people are not well served at your pub, for whatever reason. As these customers found out about your bar on the internet, they will speak ill of your pub...on the internet, of course.

There is an area on Reviews fan pages where users rate the location with stars from 1 to 5 and can enter comments. Your page reviews will tell you if your bar delivers what it promises and will influence the decision of a good number of users.

This is one of the most important points of a good digital marketing strategy for pubs. Reviews are your social proof, and users trust other people's opinions more than what you say.

Use this tool to your advantage by inviting all your customers to rate your bar on the fan page. In addition to having totally candid feedback, you'll get testimonials from real customers that can help further promote your bar.

One way to do this is to attach a card to each customer's invoice inviting them to rate on Facebook or Google. If you ask in person, especially to bar customers, they might forget... you know how it is, right? haha!


A content marketing strategy can also be a great alternative to bring your bar notoriety. Are you an expert at what you do? Then pass your knowledge on to your customers by creating a blog for your company, in case you have a website!

There are hundreds of different topics you can tackle to keep your audience entertained and nourished with relevant content. In addition, the blog format often allows you to dig deeper and use more educational language.

In fact, working with blog content is a great way to be found in Google's organic search when someone is searching for a topic related to your business. Another advantage of working with information sharing. It's very worth it and sets you apart from your competitor's light years.

If you're not very good at writing, you can outsource to an agency that works with quality content. Look for producers who charge by content rather than by word. Even if you are not the content writer, you will say what the topics will be covered that month, or in the company of an expert, plan together.

You are working with a one-month promotion campaign on all spirits in your bar, for example. This is a great hook for knowing what to write about. Nobody knows your business better than you, so bet on this strategy.


Digital marketing is a diverse field and offers a lot of strategies that can be tailored to fit different kinds of businesses, including pubs. Having a digital strategy to attract more customers is essential, regardless of the size of your pub. Knowing your target audience, their preferred channels, and language is important when planning your digital marketing campaign.

You can promote your pub on the internet through various strategies, such as promotions, the display network, social media, social proof, and blogging. Use promotions to incentivise customers to visit your pub, and don't forget to engage with your audience on social media. Display ads on the Google Display Network can help you reach more people and create more visibility for your brand.

Reviews are critical in digital marketing for pubs. They are your social proof, and they can make or break your business. Encourage your customers to leave a review and ratings on your fan page, which can serve as testimonials from satisfied customers. Lastly, consider starting a blog where you can share your expertise and knowledge about your business with your customers.

So, there you have it! With these strategies, you can promote your pub's name on the internet and bring in more customers. Just remember to keep things engaging and authentic while promoting your brand. Good luck with your digital marketing efforts!

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