September 22, 2022
Social Media Management

New Instagram Updates (September 2022)

These are the latest updates rolled out by Instagram this September.

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Instagram has announced its latest updates and its changing the game for businesses and content creators. We’ll be looking at what they are and how you can take advantage of these new features!

  1. Templates

Instagram is getting very serious about helping every user create Reels.

Content creators can now do this (and very effectively so) by using Instagram Reel Templates, allowing them to create Reels in ways like never before. Instagram has introduced this new feature in an attempt to inspire people and help them make the most out of Reels, regardless of whether they know how it works or not. 

Reels Templates are very easy to use. Just click “Use Template” add your own magic and  — voila! You’ve created your first Reel. 

With the introduction of Templates, we’ll see more and more adoption of the Reels video format. So make sure that you’re taking advantage of this new trend by prioritising short-form content in your marketing strategy.

  1. Candid Challenge 

Word on the street is Instagram is testing a new feature called “Candid Challenge”, inspired by (the ever so popular) BeReal app. In short, BeReal is a photo-sharing app that prompts users to share one unfiltered photo a day. Now, IG Candid is an exact copy of that —Instagram will send you a notification every day to capture a photo and share it within 2 minutes. 

We can think of tons of ways to take advantage of this new feature and its certain that once it goes live, Instagram will rank IG Candid higher in the algorithm! So why not try snapping a few behind-the-scenes content, while at work- maybe get your head chef to participate, bartender or even a customer! There are tons of fun ways to include this in your social media strategy.

  1. Delayed explosions 

Delayed explosions have been quietly introduced to the latest Instagram update. In short, delayed explosion refers to the sudden boost in views on Instagram Reels that may not have done well, to begin with. 

How do delayed explosions work? — Instagram has a vacuum supply of content, and when there is an overwhelming demand for a certain subject, for example, influencer marketing, Instagram will push out content related (in the form of Suggested Content) to said topic, including (you guessed it) old posts. In many cases, these posts go viral because of this supply and demand dynamic. It’s so much easier to get 100 000 or a million views on a post that’s old these days. The amazing thing about this is, that once your older posts do go viral, Instagram will start recommending your new content. 

Take advantage of this new feature by ensuring that you do not delete any posts— there is a high possibility that your content will be recommended to users which will lead to that post going viral and in turn, may boost followers and reach. So make sure to trust the process!

  1. Add Yours Stickers

The final feature introduced by Instagram this month is the ability to now add stickers to your Reels. Specifically the ‘Add Yours” sticker. Stickers have been available on Instagram Stories for a while now. The amazing thing about this feature is that it can inspire one to get creative. Additionally, attribution has been added to the “Add Yours” sticker, meaning when someone taps on the sticker and video, the username of the account that created that video will be mentioned. Now you can get credit for starting a trend which might drive nice traffic to your profile if that trend takes off!

Instagram is constantly changing, so staying on top of all the latest trends, features and tools is vital for social media success. We hope you’ve made notes of these awesome tips and we can’t wait to see you thrive on social! Good luck!

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