February 28, 2023
Social Media Management

Why Social Media is The Best for Pub Promotions 2024

Social Media is the best way to promote your pub in 2023. Find out why

James Laden
CMO at Effer Ventures. Digital Marketing and sales expert. Co-founder of ttagz and The Affiliate Monkey
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It is undeniable that in an increasingly digital world, social networks are great channels for sales and business. After all, millions of people access Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other networks every day. Therefore, companies must know how to take advantage of the potential of social networks to attract and retain customers and, of course, increase the organization's profits.

In today's article, we will discuss the importance of social networks for pubs and restaurants. So, as an entrepreneur and business owner, you can take advantage of the tips to make your business grow! Let's go.

Social networks for pubs and restaurants: understand the importance

Social networks have gained increasing relevance in the relationship between consumers and companies. Therefore, among the main Digital Marketing strategies for pubs and restaurants, your establishment must have an active profile on the main platforms. In addition to being direct and immediate customer relationship channels, social networks have become fundamental tools for carrying out promotional actions aimed at attracting and retaining customers. For a more assertive strategy, however, you need to understand who your audience is and what media they frequent.

In the food business, Facebook and Instagram are extremely relevant, not only because of the visual appeal that food has but also because of the possibility of good results with promotions, events and targeted actions.

Visuals have become an increasingly important instrument when working with social networks. Therefore, take care in this regard, and rely on the help of applications to edit images and manage social networks.

Best practices for pubs and restaurants on social media

Full Profile

When you are going to create your page on a social network, you must put all the necessary information so that people can find it.

Therefore, include a photo, a good description, means of contact, opening hours, location, links, hashtags, etc. All this will help your page to be found more easily. And if there are any changes, for example, in the address or telephone number of your pub or restaurant, don't forget to update them on your social networks. Always have a complete and updated profile!


A mistake that many pubs, restaurants and other types of businesses make on social networks is publishing randomly without maintaining a frequency or following a pre-established schedule. And that's a big mistake. Do you know why? Because then users are "lost"; they don't know when there will be a new publication and end up losing interest. Engagement ends up being smaller. Now, if your pub or restaurant posts at least one post per day and at set times, your audience already knows when there will be a new post, and the chances of engagement are much greater. So keep frequency on your social media. Don't keep users waiting or guessing when you'll have a new post.

Also, vary the publications. For example, you don't just need to post pictures of dishes or drinks to complete a week. You can, for example, make posts with tips on gastronomy, talk about furniture, invite chefs and influential people from the sector to speak and much more. Use creativity!

Interaction and Relationship

Social networks are great channels to interact and maintain a close relationship with the public.

Therefore, your brand must invest in this. That is, it must always respond to customers, promote polls and debates and create actions that involve consumers. Many people enjoy this sense of belonging. In addition, it is important to maintain transparent and humanized communication; after all, you are talking to people and not robots. Avoid general and standardized answers.

Connect with customers. Build a close relationship with them. Listen to what they have to say and value their feedback. It helps you to grow.

Quality Photos and Videos

When it comes to food and drinks, the photos and videos published on your social networks must be of good quality; after all, you need to arouse the interest and desire of consumers. Therefore, always invest in good photos and videos and, if necessary, hire a professional to do so. Make posts that make your mouth water!

The image has the power to perfectly capture the essence of a dish, being able to enhance or ruin a product, and can represent the difference between success and total failure in sales.

In addition, the visual identity of your posts also needs to be well-crafted so that people catch their eye and identify it as a post from your brand.

Relevant Contents

In addition to the previous tips, another important point for you to take advantage of the potential of social networks is to make relevant posts that have interesting content. Don't just use social media to talk about your brand and sell products. Instead, use them to educate your audience, help people, and add value with helpful posts. Don't be just another profile among so many others.

Quality Service

Good service for most people can be limited to acting with respect and education towards your customer. But the true service that conquers and retains loyalty is the one that goes beyond the barriers of normality and proves its true value to the public. The service needs to be impeccable in the physical and digital environment. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you and your employees know how to respond to and deal with consumers.

For example, it's important to know how to respond to questions, criticisms, compliments, suggestions, etc.; after all, these types of comments are common on social networks.


Starting from scratch can be a real challenge. Therefore, when investing in social networks for your business, look for references, both national and international. See what other pubs and restaurants are posting on their pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and evaluate what you can adopt in your company.

Paid Media

Unfortunately, having organic, natural growth on social media is not something that simple to achieve. Therefore, it is important that you invested in paid media strategies, ads and sponsored posts. This way, you will have more reach and visibility to attract more people to your business.

There's little point in putting all of these actions into practice if you don't measure the results afterwards. After all, how are you going to know if an action is working or not? Therefore, you must evaluate data and metrics regularly to check what is working and what needs to be adjusted! Suddenly, it's the time for publications and the format used... in short, everything needs to be well analyzed so that you are increasingly assertive and efficient on social networks!

To conclude

Social networks have become crucial for businesses, especially for the food industry, which includes pubs and restaurants. Having an active profile on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is not only a direct and immediate channel of communication with customers, but also a fundamental tool for promotional actions aimed at attracting and retaining them. To optimize the strategy, it is important to understand the audience and maintain a complete and updated profile, maintain frequency in posts, and interact with customers. It is also crucial to post quality photos and videos, create relevant content, provide quality service, and seek references from other pubs and restaurants. Paid media is also a useful strategy to gain more reach and visibility. By implementing these best practices, businesses can leverage the potential of social networks to increase profits and grow their brand.

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