May 17, 2023
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London Bar Marketing Agencies 2024

We've listed the best marketing agencies in London for Bar businesses.

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Most businesses spend a good percentage of their revenue on bar marketing. This includes spending money on their sales teams, marketing agencies, and in-house marketing efforts. That is a substantial investment for any company and a means to increase sales. Companies planning to hire a marketing agency for their company make sure to pick one that suits their business preferences.

Since customers have ever-increasingly high expectations, short attention spans, and a vast selection of bars, it is essential to differentiate oneself from the competition. If you run a bar, you can stand out by utilising marketing and promotional techniques that are both efficient and successful. The good news is that there are bar marketing agencies in London that may formulate bar marketing ideas, help spread the word about your business and increase traffic.

The Best Bar Marketing Companies in London

You will likely come across uncountable names in the bar marketing industry in London. We have selected a number of the best marketing agency for bars in London. Below is an overview of these bar marketing agencies:


This digital agency, in the United Kingdom for restaurants and bars, is among the top agencies. This marketing agency for bars has over 20 years of experience working with the most prominent hospitality firms, giving them the digital competence necessary to raise customers' presence on the Internet.

Restaurants and bars can benefit from their conversion-driven digital strategies, which include website design and development, campaign management, content production, customer relationship management (CRM), SEO strategy, Google Ads, and reporting and analysis.

The staff at Propeller are industry veterans who will work with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that produces observable and quantifiable outcomes. Indeed, they are the industry leaders in facilitating online restaurant reservations, event bookings, and product sales. Propeller specialises in complete integration and has expertise working with various beverage and food businesses.

They have the intelligence and the expertise to produce the desired results, regardless of whether you are a brand looking to sell online or generate bookings for your business. To achieve measurable success, the agency for pub marketing makes use of various digital marketing platforms, innovative advertising, strategic planning, data analytics, and websites that are optimised for conversions. Their digital strategy experts will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that produces measurable and tangible outcomes.


Experience the leading solution in the United Kingdom that enables independent venues and stimulates the growth of multi-site businesses. Their service aims at brand awareness, increases consumer interaction and customer attraction, and helps their clients differentiate themselves from other firms in the industry. They are the first organic marketing platform that gives companies the ability to develop user-generated content (UGC), which is what sets them apart from the competition.

In creating a social media strategy, they research your ideal customers, industry, and main competitors. The next step in the process is for them to establish a plan that will include content topics, publishing schedules, engagement strategies, and success indicators. Their technology enables a steady stream of new content to be produced, which helps with managing existing content as well. In addition, they offer management services like copywriting, graphic design, publication, and the scheduling of posts.

Their team collaborates to develop synergy to expand your socials and assist you in reaching your objectives. The team at ttagz is aware that marketing through social media platforms is essential to the success of any bar operating in today's digital age. As a result, they employ cutting-edge strategies for bar and pub marketing via social media to strengthen your brand and bring in more customers.

Cubo Drinks

For more than 25 years, Cubo Drinks have collaborated with a wide range of clients. The on-trade strategy and activation sector is where Cubo Drinks got its start. However, as the company expanded over the years, its employees gained considerable knowledge in other aspects of the communications mix. Their range of competence encompasses integrated creative, assistance for executive suites, and brand activation in on/off trade and at-home settings, among other areas. This provides them with a distinctive vantage point from which to approach each company with as much originality as is practicable.

Cubo Drinks' customer base range from worldwide icons to start-up businesses on projects involving alcohol, beers, and wines. As professionals, they are aware of the realities of how various drink distribution channels operate. Hence, they know the different drink advertising creative approaches needed to stand out. Consequently, they assist their clients in increasing their revenue.


Ignite is a marketing agency for bars that has expanded its operations worldwide. They function in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy thanks to their inventiveness and technological prowess. They concentrate on high-end brands and even offer e-commerce solutions to significant clients. Additionally, they specialise in providing hospitality services. Ignite offers digital marketing strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective. They deliver both measurable outcomes and satisfactory returns on investment.

IgniteCreates offer various services, including advertising campaigns, digital marketing, customer relationship management and loyalty programs, branding and strategy, and more. Also, their services cover every aspect of brand and business development, and they all work together to help businesses succeed. Their work always has a purpose, and it is focused on producing outcomes. To achieve measurable success, they make use of diverse toolsets. These toolsets contain digital marketing channels, creative advertising, branding, strategic planning, data analytics, video and animation, gaming, and conversion-optimized websites.

Roche Communications

They are one of the most successful public relations and marketing firms in London, and their headquarters is in the middle of the city. The centre of their operations is the hospitality industry, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and pubs. Over decades, they have been showcasing British hospitality to the media. They have made an enormous contribution to the development of the hospitality industry. Consequently, London is today one of the most prominent cities in the bar industry. This agency's bar marketing ideas are top-notch.

They want to ensure that their customers not only get attention when they launch their product or service. They ensure that customers also continue to receive positive media coverage, invaluable exposure, and a presence on the internet over the long term. If we were to publish any list of the best bar marketing agencies without giving recognition to Roche, who is the industry leader when it comes to public relations, that would be cruel. Roche might be the right fit for you if you're interested in taking things in a more conventional direction.

CJ Digital

They are essentially a bar marketing agency that does exactly what it says. They specialise in digital marketing for bars and specialise in pub marketing. CJ Digital is responsible for the creation of websites,  management of Google Ads, and advanced SEO efforts. They are excellent from the very beginning to the very end. Also, they assign a dedicated account manager who works to improve outcomes at each stage of the process. They are masters of guerilla marketing and think creatively outside the box; this agency is not your typical run-of-the-mill operation.

 If you are looking for an economical and efficient agency to collaborate with your current marketing team or existing agency, you should consider working with these individuals. If you’re searching for any multimedia storytelling for your bar, CJ Digital is an ideal choice for you. They offer the complete 360-degree package that you would want from a digital marketing agency. This includes website optimization, content production, and even ad retargeting, among other services. They continue working with you even after your original Google Ads account has been set up. 

Sauce Communications

Sauce Communications is another marketing agency for bars in London. They take great satisfaction in being one of the most influential social media organisations in London. They are willing to assist any establishment needing their bar marketing ideas. A favourite aspect of Sauce is that they have access to bloggers and other influential people in the industry, which is essential for any bar that aspires to be successful. If your bar has a menu, regardless of how extensive or limited it may be, you should get on Sauce's influencer list and invite people to try out your services. In addition to that, their digital marketing for pubs costs is reasonable.


Promoting your bar through the help of a marketing agency for bars can be profitable for your business. These agencies can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram updates, which not only have a massive user base but also provide direct access to consumers. It would be best to share your business goals and visions while they create plans and strategies to advertise your business. So there you have it. This concludes our ranking of the best bar marketing agencies currently operating in the industry.

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