June 9, 2023
UGC Generation

Leveraging UGC for Enhanced Restaurant Business Growth 2024

Learn how to enhance your restaurant business with UGC.

William Yates
Spearheaded programmatic advertising initiatives for eBay, Co-founder of ttagz and The Affiliate Monkey
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User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most potent tools restaurants can use to boost their business. UGC allows customers to share their experiences, opinions and reviews about a restaurant with others. This helps create a positive reputation for the restaurant and builds trust among potential customers.

Using UGC in marketing can be a great way to attract new customers and engage existing ones. By leveraging UGC tools like ttagz, restaurants can easily create campaigns that encourage customers to share photos, videos, and reviews of their experiences at the restaurant. This helps increase the restaurant's visibility and improve its overall brand image.

UGC also provides valuable insights into customer preferences which can help restaurants make informed decisions about their menu offerings and services. With UGC, restaurants can also track customer feedback in real-time, which allows them to address any issues quickly and efficiently.

How UGC Can Help Your Brand

Save money on content promotion

You can save money on hiring a staff of content creators and photographers if your consumers produce high-quality visual content independently. Photos and videos uploaded by visitors can be used without charging any further fees.

Make Your Marketing More Approachable

The success of a restaurant depends on more than just the quality of its cuisine and decor. People are the focus. People following you on social media are curious about your eatery's regulars and the people responsible for its success. Using user-generated content, you can appease their interest and give your business a more personable feel.

Engage Your Audience More And Create A Band Of Devoted Followers

 The audience is more involved with user-generated material than other forms of content. Your social media following will increase if you regularly distribute customer-generated content.

Use Social Proof

User-generated material, such as blog entries, forum threads, and tweets mentioning your eatery, can be used to show how well the public receives it. They are essential in persuading potential diners that your establishment is well worth their time and money.

Help In Defining The Persona

The persona you create should be an idealised version of your perfect customer. It is based on genuine information about your consumers' actions and demographics and fictionalised accounts of their backgrounds, drives, ambitions, and problems.

Learning more about your persona can be facilitated by engaging with and listening to your actual consumer. As a result, you may tailor your material to the preferences of your target audience.

How To Use User-generated Content To Boost Your Restaurant’s Brand

Reviews And Testimonials

 The easiest sorts of user-generated content to incorporate into your website or social media are reviews and testimonials.

In online shopping, customers can be encouraged to take photos of things in addition to the official images already provided.

Giving away freebies or vouchers to reviewers is another option to consider.

Make A Place For A Photo Op And Maintain A Signature Look In Your Eatery

Install a mural or interesting sign to use as a photo backdrop. Put the information customers need to tag your restaurant on social media beside it (the hashtag, the social media handles, and the networks on which you can be found). You can locate the posts and reuse the information.

A consistent theme encourages customers to post photographs they know you will re-share.

Put User-generated Content In Your Printed Ads

Promote your restaurant with posters, flyers, and other printed materials by including user-submitted content.

You want to ensure visitors to your website have enough testimonials, so pick only one or two. Tell customers exactly where their remarks and photographs will be used when you ask their permission to use them in promotional materials.

Use Questions And Answers

Adding a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page or forum to your site might spark lively debate among visitors.

Customers can interact through a question-and-answer section, in which they answer each other's questions (such as whether the shipment was quick, whether the product number corresponds to the size, etc.) and the company's answers.

Make Use of Campaigns

Hashtags are another tool for inspiring people to create their content.

Instagram user-generated content campaigns are a great example because they generate "buzz" about a company and collect material that may be shown in an online shop.

Instagram Stories

You will receive a notification whenever a consumer mentions your eatery in an Instagram story. You only have 24 hours from the time the story is published to read it. 

Is there a strategy for making the most of Instagram stories? Put the story into your story first. Those that follow you on Instagram and anyone else who happens across your profile will have time to view the story before it disappears forever.

The process of reposting an Instagram story has been simplified. To do this, go to your profile, click the aeroplane button, and choose "add post to your story." Users will be redirected to the source, and you can strengthen ties with the content provider by tagging them in your narrative.

Second, make sure to highlight it. If this is your first time doing so, make a spotlight where you can store the best material made by your customers. User-generated content will remain in your profile indefinitely in this manner.

Customer Photo Series

Include user-generated content sharing in your social media posting schedule.

Promote your weekly customer photo repost by labelling it something like "Fan Photo Friday." Most of the highest-quality images can be found on Instagram, so that's where you should look first.

Each week, on the same day, hunt for your restaurant's hashtag or posts in which your restaurant was mentioned and share the best photo.

You can share your caption, an extract from the original caption, or a direct quotation from the original caption. Before posting a customer's photo online, get their consent and adequately attribute the shot to them by identifying them in the caption.

Take Advantage Of Tiktok's Video Features

TikTok is a hotspot for user-generated content and an excellent place for customers to share movies they've made at or about your restaurant.

The software provides several mechanisms for disseminating user-generated content. You can leave the video on your device or re-upload it to your restaurant's TikTok page with a new caption.

TikTok allows users to create and share videos using the app's duet and stitch features.


Old but still gold. Poster maker can still be a great way to drive buzz for your restaurant, Promote your restaurant with posters, flyers, and other printed materials by including user-submitted content. You can use a app like poster maker to create posters and flyers.


User-generated content (UGC) is an excellent way for restaurant businesses to involve their customers in marketing. By creating an environment where customers can share their experiences and reviews, restaurants can gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn't. UGC also helps build trust with customers, as they are more likely to believe other users' opinions than the restaurant itself.

At the same time, UGC can be a great way to boost your online presence and increase brand awareness. By encouraging customers to share photos of your food or reviews on social media, you can reach a much wider audience than you would have been able to without it. Additionally, UGC is an excellent source of content for restaurants looking to create engaging posts on social media or blogs.

In conclusion, UGC is an invaluable tool for restaurant businesses looking to improve their customer experience and grow their online presence.

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