January 24, 2024
Nano Influencers

The Huge Impact of Nano-Micro Influencers & UGC in the UK

Read about the transformative power of nano-micro influencers & UGC as a marketing tool. Discover how the right partnerships can optimise your online presence.

James Laden
CMO at Effer Ventures. Digital Marketing and sales expert. Co-founder of ttagz and The Affiliate Monkey
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For better or worse, influencers have become a key part of modern society in the year 2024. In a world where social media drives trends, affects opinions, and impacts decisions, the power of the nano-micro influencer is greater than ever before.

An influencer may be a celebrity, a subject matter expert, a professional, or just a regular individual who has gained the trust and interest of the public.

Of course, not all social media personalities hold the same amount of influence, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to working with the smaller and lesser-known content creators on Instagram or TikTok.

A nano-micro influencer may have fewer followers than your favourite account, but their impact can be equally important.  

What are nano-micro influencers?

In general, someone with approximately 10K to 100K followers can be considered a micro-influencer, while someone with less than 10K followers, but above 1K followers, is often referred to as a nano-influencer.

The term nano-micro influencer is used to refer to both. This usually means anyone with 1K-100K followers.  

Micro and nano-influencers tend to have a more personal relationship with fans and the local community in comparison to mega and macro-influencers. This can lead to high levels of engagement and more authentic content. According to a report from affable.ai, nano influencers have an engagement rate of around 4.41%.

Today, social media is chock full of nano-micro influencers that play a huge role in the marketing and reach of brands.

What is UGC?

User-generated content or UGC refers to brand-specific content created by consumers at no extra cost to the brand. The content can take various forms, from videos, images, reviews, and more.

For the most part, UGC is produced by people who are not professional content creators but have a genuine interest in the brand or product posted about.

You may, however, also see nano-micro influencers generating content for brands. Either as part of a partnership, through their own free will, or due to one of the many UGC tools encouraging consumers to post. 

The impact of nano and micro-influencers on user-generated content

The link between nano-micro influencers and UGC is strong, and partnering with the right influencer can have a profound impact on your brand’s user-generated content.

Some of the key benefits include:

Authenticity and reliability

  • A nano or micro-influencer will likely produce dependable and authentic content. Consumers are less likely to question the sincerity of a post from nano or micro-influencers as opposed to mega or macro-influencers.
  • According to a survey conducted by Stackla, 86% of people say authenticity is a key consideration when deciding what brands they like and support. You can create such surveys through the Survey Form Plugin WordPress.

Improved engagement

  •  Nano-influencers achieve almost double the engagement rate of macro influencers.
  •  The more meaningful interactions lead to a dynamic, responsive, and engaged online community.


  • Partnering with lesser-known influencers is a budget-friendly method of increasing user-generated content while allowing for a wider and more diverse audience coverage.
  •  According to Influencer Marketing Hub, nano influencers tend to charge anywhere between $2 to $250 per post, depending on the platform and type of content. 

Reach and virality

  • A single nano-influencer may not be the most impactful when it comes to reach, but the cumulative effect of working with multiple nano-micro influencers can have a substantial impact.
  • Partnerships with a few different nano-influencers are still likely to cost far less than partnering with a mega-influencer and may have as big of an effect.


The challenges of working with nano-micro influencers

As beneficial as working with nano-micro influencers is, it does come with some potential challenges.

A few of the most notable challenges that brands may face when partnering with nano-influencers are:

  •  Finding the right match: To find the perfect match for your brand, you’ll need to do some comprehensive research to identify micro or nano-influencers with a suitable and engaged audience. You may be able to contact a nano-influencer agency to help you find the right creator.
  • Communication and collaboration: As you’ll likely be partnering with multiple nano-micro influencers, managing collaboration and communication is key. You’ll need clear expectations, guidelines, and feedback measures.
  • Metric tracking: The only way to know if your partnerships are working is to measure the impact and return on investment of your micro and nano-influencer campaigns. Without detailed metric tracking, you’ll never have a clear idea of the performance and success of your partnerships.
  •  Less experience: Some nano-influencers may have little to no experience working with brands. A lack of experience may lead to content posted that does not align with your brand's image, or even a partnership that lacks professionalism.

Closing thoughts

The world of digital marketing is ever-shifting. User-generated content has fast become a staple of the digital landscape, and brands across the globe are now embracing nano-micro influencers.

The power to establish personal connections with smaller, committed, and engaged communities has redefined how we engage with the world of influencers. Embracing a uniquely collaborative and user-centric approach to marketing can do wonders for your brand and, ultimately, your success.

At ttagz, our UGC tool helps encourage your fans to share their product experiences in exchange for a reward, ultimately driving your growth as a business. Please feel free to reach out today to find out more about how we can help you boost your online presence.

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