May 8, 2024
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Top 18 Food Influencers on Instagram

Discover top food influencers on Instagram, renowned for their culinary mastery from vegan baking to sustainable cuisine. Dive into their profiles for vibrant dishes that tantalize

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Set your senses free and be taught something new when we get to learn more about the most Instagrammed food influencers in town. Go it alone. From the most complex dishes to groundbreaking recipes, these gourmets have seduced millions with their culinary creations. Let’s take a mouth-watering trip as we look at their profile, awards and numerals according to their digital empires. Welcome to the exhibition that will entice your visual appetite and indulge your food cravings. Let’s discover together who the food bloggers on Instagram who are the unquestionable superstars of the food scene are.

Let's get started:


Name: Holly Jade
Location: UK
Followers: 794K

Holly Jade is a renowned vegan baker and recipe creator with a significant influence on Instagram. She has a dedicated following of 794K individuals and is recognised for her expertise in vegan baking. Holly is the author of the ‘The Little Book of Vegan Bakes’ cookbook, highlighting her creative culinary skills. Her current focus revolves around vegan baking and lifestyle content, resonating with a wide audience passionate about plant-based cuisine.


Name: Bettina Campolucci Bordi
Location: London, UK
Followers: 159K

Bettina Campolucci Bordi is a plant-based and sustainable chef known for her seasonal recipes, wellness focus, and culinary retreats. She is also a sustainability judge and founder of Bettina’s Kitchen Academy.


Name: Bos Kitchen
Location: UK
Followers: 201K

Bos Kitchen is a digital creator known for plant-based treats made with love, vegan recipe development, and being an author. Their focus is on creating plant-based recipes and sharing them with their audience. 


Name: Christy Lam
Location: London, UK
Followers: 267K

Christy Lam is a culinary enthusiast based in London known as @the_lazyfoodie on Instagram. She shares content focused on coffee shops, travel, and other small pleasures. Her next trip destination is Lisbon, Portugal. 


Name: Felicity Spector
Location: Not provided
Followers: 110K

Felicity Spector is a TV news journalist with a passion for desserts and tahini. Follow her journey to launch a mobile bakery in Ukraine. 


Name: Katie Pix
Location: London, UK
Followers: 35.3K

Katie Pix is a London-based Content Creator, Foodie & DIY Enthusiast known for her Instagram presence. She has 605 likes on one of her Instagram posts.


Name: Emma Hatcher
Location: Not specified
Followers: 32.4K

Emma Hatcher is a cook, author, and culinary personality known for cooking, food styling, and recipe development, with a focus on seasonal, gluten-free, and FODMAP-friendly recipes. She has a cookbook titled ‘The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen’ and shares her expertise through her Instagram feed.


Name: Rosie Birkett
Location: Not specified on the Instagram profile
Followers: 110K

Rosie Birkett is an award-winning food and cookery writer, food stylist and cookbook author with a passion for communicating the pleasures of delicious food and the fascinating stories behind it.


Name: Kimberly Espinel
Location: London, UK
Followers: 149K

Kimberly Espinel, known as the Little Plantation, is a highly regarded food photographer, content creator, and author based in London. With a strong following of 149K, her Instagram feed showcases stunning visuals and culinary creativity that inspire sustainable and vibrant cooking. Kimberly’s expertise in food photography and content creation has earned her a dedicated following and recognition in the culinary world.


Name: Izy Hossack
Location: London, UK
Followers: 191K

Izy Hossack is a photographer and cookbook author known for her cookbooks #topwithcinnamon & #thesavvycook. She is a flexitarian and baking recipes expert with a background in Food Science & Nutrition.


Name: Kar-Shing Tong
Location: London, UK
Followers: 140K

London-based food blogger Kar-Shing Tong leads something of a Batman-Bruce Wayne double life. Working as a financier in the City, he intersperses his high-flying corporate job by documenting delicious eats he encounters across the Capital. What began as a hobby has earned him tens of thousands of Instagram followers on his account.


Name: Melissa Hemsley
Location: Not specified
Followers: 216K

Melissa Hemsley is an influential culinary personality recognised for her feel-good food approach.


Name: Jamie Oliver
Location: UK
Followers: 10.3M

Jamie Oliver is an English celebrity chef, former restaurateur, and cookbook author known for his casual approach to cooking. He achieved worldwide fame with his television shows like The Naked Chef and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Oliver is recognized for his contributions to culinary themes through various cookbooks.


Name: Nigella Lawson
Location: Not specified on the Instagram page
Followers: 3M

Nigella Lawson is a renowned culinary personality, author, and television show host. She is known for her expertise in cooking and her captivating approach to recipes, making her an influential figure in the culinary world.


Name: Nina Parker
Location: London, UK
Followers: 117K

Nina Parker is a London-based chef and author known for her flavorful and saucy food creations. She is also active on TikTok under the handle @SaucyNinaParker. Nina Parker’s culinary expertise and engaging content have attracted a following of 117K on Instagram.


Name: Benjamina
Location: NYC, USA
Followers: 203K

Benjamina is a renowned author and food stylist, known for her baking expertise. She has a significant following of 203K on Instagram. Her work includes a baking column in @guardianfeast and she is currently promoting her new cookbook. Benjamina’s specialties include vegan desserts like Vegan Choc Cake. Her focus is on culinary creativity and sharing her passion for baking through her engaging content.


Name: Kelly Egan
Location: San Francisco, USA
Followers: 105K

Kelly Egan transports her audience to the sunny shores of California with her beautifully captured desserts and snippets of vibrant West Coast living, offering a sweet escape with every post.


Location: UK

Influential culinary personality, TOPJAW is a video creator known for their Food + Travel Films, based in London. They are not paid by any restaurant they feature on their platform.

These 18 top food influencers on Instagram have changed the game when it comes to how people interact with food and culinary creativity. From vegan baking to sustainable cooking, these influencers have built up loyal followings by sharing their expertise and passion. Each influencer has carved out their unique niche, whether it's through plant-based recipes, food photography, or captivating storytelling.

Their profiles, accolades, and impressive number of followers show their impact and reach in the digital world. With millions of followers, these influencers have become big names in the food scene, captivating audiences with their stunning content and delicious recipes. They've effectively turned Instagram into a place where food enthusiasts can discover new flavours, innovative techniques, and culinary trends.

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