May 26, 2023
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Restaurant Marketing Agency List 2024

We've listed restaurant marketing agencies to help you promote your business

James Laden
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The hospitality industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today, with a revenue of almost $4500 billion per year. Despite this potential for growth and success in this industry, restaurants remain the most saturated and competitive entities.

 Accordingly, it is incredibly important for restaurant owners to stand out as unique and appealing to potential customers. As a proprietor, you can apply various restaurant marketing techniques to boost your presence and competitiveness, particularly in the digital space. Some of the restaurant marketing ideas involve a wide range of options, including running social media accounts and campaigns, SEO optimization, and using PPC ads, to mention a few.

Between running your restaurant and managing these marketing ideas, it can be challenging to dedicate resources and time to both activities.

 We understand your predicament, which is why in this article, we present you with the top restaurant marketing agencies to use for guaranteed results and increased traffic to both your digital space and your establishment. 

 Let's dive right in- what is a restaurant marketing agency. And what are some of the services and benefits you will get from hiring one? We will guide you on these answers shortly and help you know how to choose the right one to match your brand and goals.

A restaurant marketing agency is a specialised company that provides digital marketing services specifically customised for a restaurant's needs to achieve desired marketing goals by targeting the right audience. Choosing the right restaurant marketing agency will expose your business to numerous benefits, such as:

Saving Time: You will have more time to run the other sectors within the restaurants and work on improving your menu while the marketing agency helps improve your online presence.

Influence: most restaurant marketing agencies have the reach and expertise to promote your restaurant using various methods. The agencies can employ proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to optimise your website and ensure your business ranks in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Positioning and Branding: A restaurant marketing agency will help you develop a compelling brand identity that will resonate with current and potential new clients.

Social Media Marketing: It is no secret that the ubiquity of social media is crucial in marketing today as everyone has access to a social media platform and is, thus, a potential client. A restaurant marketing agency can handle your restaurant's social media pages and build a solid online presence by engaging with clients and promoting events and offers.

Selecting the right restaurant marketing agency will significantly add value to your business, whether running a small eatery or a prominent restaurant. We have compiled a list of the best restaurant marketing agencies below, which will help you scale your digital marketing strategies and promotions, allowing you to focus on other internal aspects of your operations.


1.     SideDish Media

SideDish Media is a marketing agency that focuses on providing transparent, painless, and trackable digital marketing solutions for restaurants. Founded in 2018, the agency headquartered in London focuses on serving restaurants across the UK, providing numerous services such as Google Ads, Website Development, and Social Media Management.

What we like about SideDish Media is their approach that focuses on scalable conversion, which will guarantee that every penny you invest is spent well. This restaurant marketing agency will help you be noticed on Google and Google Maps using strategies such as Google ads and SEO-optimization of your website.

You can amplify your brand's presence and generate ROI through SideDish Media's digital marketing campaigns.


2.     ttagz

ttagz is a UK-based digital marketing agency known for its unique approach to promoting businesses within the hospitality industry. ttagz offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including social media management, email campaigns, social media analysis, and community building.

As an expert in the hospitality industry, ttagz has worked in pub marketing and restaurant marketing with various brands such as The Juice Jar, Brewhouse & Kitchen, and Inamo Sukoshi, resulting in enhanced customer engagement rate, better social media performance, and an upsurge in revenue growth and sales.

So how does ttagz help with your pub marketing or restaurant's marketing strategy? First, ttagz analyses your business to understand your goals and needs, allowing them to develop an appropriate social media strategy to fit your entity's objectives. Ttagz will help increase your visibility by creating engaging content to help customers connect with your restaurant, achieving brand loyalty.

What makes ttagz stand out is that it is the first organic marketing tool that enables businesses to produce User-Generated Content (UGC), which acts as social proof and a sign of authenticity. Undoubtedly, UGC works wonders for any brand because it helps create a community around your business, generates sales and leads, and improves SEO rankings for your bar marketing or restaurant marketing campaigns.


3.     Restaurant Genie

Restaurant Genie is a full-service solutions marketing agency specialising in the restaurant trade for the past two decades. The restaurant marketing agency has managed social media advertising for numerous restaurants across the UK. This sheer acumen will benefit your establishment and amplify your restaurant or pub marketing ideas.

At Restaurant Genie, you will gain massively from their experience and professionalism, which will help create brand awareness and multiply conversations. Using techniques such as SEO, advertising, and social media campaigns, Restaurant Genie will guide your digital marketing campaign to promote your restaurant business and enhance your social media marketing.


4.     Spin Brands

If you are a restaurant owner desiring to leverage social media into your digital marketing strategy, Spin Brands is an undeniable choice. Spin Brands is a restaurant marketing agency specialising in creating relevant social media marketing strategies to attract your target audience and increase traffic to your restaurant.

Spin Brands is an exceptional digital marketing agency because it leverages data-driven frameworks to ensure organic growth for your social media platforms. The company's previous work speaks for itself, as it has worked with high-profile clients such as Magnet Kitchens and even Moët & Chandon. Therefore, besides restaurants, Spin Brands can help with pub marketing and bar marketing strategies.

Most importantly, this digital marketing agency will help you maintain your brand authenticity while focusing on improving conversions.


5.     CJ Digital

Undoubtedly, one of the top hospitality and restaurant marketing agency based in the UK. It has experience in pub marketing, providing bar marketing ideas, and working with cafes and restaurants, which has produced exceptional results.

 The digital marketing agency employs both SEO channels and social media management strategies to increase website traffic. According to CJ's website, SEO is their top priority, and it utilises the best tools to get the most relevant keywords and rank your page on top of Google and Google Maps.

An additional tool that will help with your restaurant marketing agency is PPC Ads to generate the highest ROI from your digital marketing budget.


6.     Bonus: Other Notable Restaurant Marketing Agencies Include:

Big Cat – This is an award-winning digital marketing agency that has worked with restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars for more than 2 decades.

Captivate Hospitality- this is a prominent marketing agency reputable for working with prominent restaurant chains.

Ceek Marketing- a digital marketing consultancy specialising in SEO, PPC ads, and social media marketing. Additionally, Ceek Marketing can help set up your website and run your influencer marketing campaign.


Employing a restaurant marketing agency can be momentous for upgrading your establishment through digital marketing. Furthermore, you will be left with the time to handle your speciality of preparing scrumptious meals and handling your customers.

While many digital marketing agencies offer top-notch services, you need to know the one that best fits your restaurant's marketing needs. First, ask for references from other establishments that have used social media marketing before to gain valuable insights into costs, benefits, and results. Next, conduct thorough research, including reading reviews, to understand the capabilities of your potential marketing agency. Finally, speak with your shortlisted restaurant marketing agencies list and inquire about prices before making your choice.

 Selecting the most pertinent marketing agency for your restaurant can be a monumental tipping point for your business, increasing traffic and overall revenue.

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