February 3, 2023

Rooftop bar marketing 2024

Rooftop bar marketing ideas to help increase sales.

Farah Dietrich
Marketing Manger
Worked across agencies, specialising in social media management, community building and design.
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Rooftop bar marketing in 2023 is increasingly evolved and complex. It is a sector with enormous competition. There are thousands of establishments spread across the UK, and bringing a customer is not always a simple task.

Every day, technology is more present in our daily lives. We are surrounded by new equipment and connected most of the time. Therefore, using this advance in marketing strategies for rooftop bars to win customers is no longer just a differentiator; it has become essential. Especially digital marketing, which, in addition to being cheaper than conventional marketing, has the power to reach many more people in a more targeted and accurate way.

We separate some marketing strategies for rooftop bars using technology for you to start applying now!

Invest in Apps

The variety of apps focused on rooftop bars is immense. There are apps with reviews and ratings, reservations and delivery orders and even those that use geolocation to show the "closest rooftop bar to you".

There is a whole world of applications that can be very useful to attract more and more customers to your bar. Given this, try to find out who best fits your profile and invest in being present in them. Some we deem essential, such as being present on google maps.

These apps will have the power to increase your visibility and help close sales. It's a way to leverage your strategy and significantly increase your number of customers.

Social media – marketing engagement for bars and restaurants

Social media have great relevance in people's daily lives. We seek information, ideas, content and relationships for them. We communicate with our friends and meet new people. Of course, this also applies to products and services.

Therefore, this universe becomes a vital means of relationship and engagement of your customers with your business. Consequently, it is essential to be present on these platforms and, above all, to interact with your audiences who are willing to receive your contact at all times.

There are many tactics specific to social media. Below, we separate two that we consider fundamental:


Creating videos, texts, and memes and sharing recipes, experiences, and interesting things are the best way to communicate with your audience and showcase the experiences you have to offer.

Remember: people are on social media looking for content. They want to see things that interest them. So deliver it to them as best you can. Simply posting your dishes will not make your customer's visits to your page more interesting. Be creative!


On most social media, it is possible to advertise. That is, showing people your content in a sponsored way. This strategy affects many people, and you should think about it in two ways. The first is to interact with your own audience. Invest in keeping them close at all times and in contact with you.

The second is to create new audiences and appear in front of potential new customers. Intelligently target your ads and get in front of people who are potentially interested in your business.

Email marketing – Cheap and accurate

Email marketing is an essential tool in advertising strategies for rooftop bars. It's a complete and inexpensive way to maintain communication with your customers, inform them of news and keep them always close to your business.

Email marketing must be thought of with great dedication to enhance your strategies. There are several details to consider, such as the opening rate of emails, identification of the most relevant subjects and, above all, setting the cadence.

Below, see some points you should pay attention to when sending email marketing:

Update database

The first step to a successful strategy is to keep an up-to-date database. It's no use sending messages to fake or deactivated emails... Besides, buying email lists is one of the biggest shots in the foot that can be committed.

First, start enrolling your customers and find ways to automate this process. The better your contact list is segmented, the better your email marketing campaign results!

Email cadence

Cadence is the frequency and subjects of emails you send to your customers. Finding the right "timing" is critical. This is because sending too many messages disturbs the person; sending too few messages makes your email no longer important in the eyes of those who receive them.

You have to find the right proportion! This ratio varies from business to business, so you'll need to adjust over time until you reach the ideal cadence.

Short and direct

Very large texts will make the reader give up reading them. Therefore, the best email marketing campaigns are visually easy to understand and direct to the message they want to convey. Don't fall into the trap of wanting to ′′ stuff sausage ′′ and talk more than you need to. In summary, convey the message you want by being clear and concise.

Call to action

Every email marketing needs to give the reader the option to take some action. Whether it's clicking a button, answering a question or visiting a page, this is essential to engage the reader and, therefore, make the campaign more effective. Offering some "treat" (a discount, for example) is also a valid strategy in this regard.

There are countless tools on the market (some free, some paid) that will help you automate the sending of email marketing campaigns.

Google Ads – fundamental in marketing for bars and restaurants

Google Ads are Google's sponsored links. When someone searches for something on this search engine, it can appear at the top of the page for a fee. Of all digital marketing strategies, this is perhaps the most important of all.

Ranking well on Google means that you will appear to many people.

Let's say, for example, that you have a rooftop bar that sells speciality beers in a city in the interior of the UK. If someone from that city searches Google for "special beers" and your competitor is investing in sponsored Google links, he will appear for that search, leaving you anonymous.

In addition, it is possible to create retargeting campaigns depending on whether the person has already clicked on a sponsored link. That is, Google will show these people your ad on other web pages. Do you know when you search for something on Google and, later, several advertisements appear for you? So it is…

About marketing for bars and restaurants, ads on Google Ads become even more important, as the amount of searches is very large. However, it is a complex tool that depends on some knowledge to make worthwhile campaigns.

How does Google Adwords work?

Formerly called Adwords, the mechanics of Google Ads is that you "buy" keywords. Then, when a person searches for that word, you appear, and if that person clicks on your ad, you pay Google an amount for that click (which varies in the form of an auction for each keyword).

In conclusion, defining your campaigns and keywords is essential for a successful result. Define very well the keywords you want to invest in. These cannot be very comprehensive, as you will pay for clicks from people who are not really interested in what you are offering. But it can't be too restricted either, because that way you'll appear to very few people.

Hotspots de WiFi

WiFi hotspots for customers are internet connection points where the visitor will need to fill out a registration form to browse. With this process, you will have valuable information that will leverage marketing actions for bars and restaurants.

But after all, what does a WiFi hotspot provide?

Reliable database

When registering in your network, your customers will provide their personal information, such as email and telephone. This allows the creation of a complete database, making your disclosure actions more assertive.

Engagement in social media

You can offer visitors to register via social networks. With this, you will have all the visitor information, and you will also be able to offer a like and check-in on your page.


You will be able to communicate with your customer as soon as they try to access your network, displaying ads on the devices of users that connect to the WiFi of your commercial establishment.


Having hotspot management software will identify how your customer behaves in your business. For example, you will know the most visited days and times, the number of recurring visitors and the average time they stay at your establishment!

Bonus Tip

Use technology to improve your service. For example, you can use tablets with a partial account and menu and order directly from the tablet device. These tools will improve your customer's experience in your business! It is also possible, in a very simple way, to create online surveys to identify what you are getting right and wrong!


The competition in the rooftop bar sector is enormous, and bringing customers is not always an easy task. Therefore, using advanced marketing strategies for rooftop bars has become essential, especially digital marketing, which is cheaper and can reach more people in a targeted and accurate way. Investing in apps, being present on social media, using email marketing, and Google Ads are crucial to attract and retain customers. Updating the database, finding the ideal email cadence, being short and direct, and including a call to action in every email are some of the email marketing campaign strategies to follow. Google Ads is perhaps the most important of all digital marketing strategies to rank well on Google and increase visibility. By implementing these strategies, rooftop bar owners can stand out from the competition and win more customers.

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