August 18, 2022
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UK Brands That Went Viral on TikTok

These UK Brands nailed their TikTok marketing strategy, read to find out how.

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Several UK brands went viral on TikTok after the Covid hit in 2020. We at ttagz have compiled a list of some of these brands as case studies on influencer marketing.

Currently, TikTok reigns supreme on social media. Although it may not have as many daily users as Facebook or Instagram, brand loyalty and engagements are quite high.

It has developed into an amazing platform for consumers, creators, and brands since its launch in 2018. TikTok is advertised as a sort of app for kids. Even though it couldn't be further from the truth, it has since grown to become a powerful marketing tool.

Check out some of the advantages TitTok possesses as a marketing tool below. When you tap into these possibilities, you can reach your target audience, and boost your business.

Benefits of TikTok as a Viral Marketing Tool

Creative Freedom

With TikTok as a marketing tool, there are certainly no boundaries on how creative you can be. TikTok is home to a lot of real people putting out original content in various creative ways. Some of this content could be absurd but, in the end, there is a huge commercial advantage. This also applies to professional businesses.

Social media consumers crave authenticity and genuine connection. While there is undoubtedly a place for educational value on TikTok, presenting your business as one that is approachable and simple to work with will encourage clients to have a long-term engagement with you.

Wider Coverage

With its over 1 billion active users monthly, TikTok has a wider reach. Since its release in 2016, the app has been downloaded 2 billion times across the IOS and Android operating systems.

With over 33 million downloads, TikTok is currently the iOS App Store's most popular app. Additionally, it means that TikTok is the best platform for interacting with a global audience. It is pertinent to note that it's not just teenagers that spend hours scrolling through the app. 60% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, while 26% of users are between ages 25 and 44.

Endless Influencers

On TikTok, anyone can become a viral sensation in the blink of an eyelid. You can go from 0 followers and 0 views in one day to a million views and followers the next day. For a business looking for that perfect fit to market a product, TikTok gives you endless options.

Impeccable User Engagement

This is expected given the enormous range of content on TikTok. There is room for everyone to boost awareness for their goods or services, regardless of whether they run a restaurant, clothing line, or transportation business.

An average TikTok user spends more than 30 mins daily viewing content. This is a great opportunity for businesses to target user audiences and sell products.

Brands shouldn't be afraid to try out TikTok because it's an amazing opportunity to connect with new consumers and collaborate with outstanding producers. TikTok is a crucial marketing tool for companies whose target market includes members of Generation Z or Millennials.

TikTok has established itself as a reliable advertising platform that produces outcomes that can outperform those of its social media competitors. However, a lot of firms are still on the fence about using the platform. These 5 UK-based brands that went viral on TikTok had a different mindset.

5 UK Brands That Went Viral on TikTok

The number of monthly active TikTok users in the UK increased steadily between 2020 and the beginning of 2022, reaching a peak of 9.2 million users across iOS and Android devices in October 2021. These companies rode on the numbers and are thankful.


Guess is a widely known lifestyle brand for men, women, and kids in the UK. The company nailed its TikTok entrance from the beginning like some professional influencer. In their first content on TikTok, they advertised the #InMyDenim campaign. This required participants to instantly transform from worn-out, shabby garments into fashionable Guess clothing.

Guess teamed up with Bebe Rexha, using her song "I'm a mess," as the soundtrack for the majority of the user-generated content, thus increasing viewer engagement. Videos using the hashtag received more than 53.5 million views. This was made possible by the influencers @ourfire, @jackjerry, and @madison_willow.

See @madison_willow #InMyDenim challenge.

Brand Pierre

Brand Pierre was founded in 2020, thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown effect. During quarantine, Pierce Woodward developed a business manufacturing rings out of used metal spoons and posting his designs on TikTok for fun.

Due to the controlled movement, his craft caught the attention of more prominent influencers looking for content. This helped increase his audience base. His initial ring release after starting a store sold out in two days, with subsequent batches now selling out in just a few hours.

All of this was made possible by the teen's clever use of the platform to develop interesting content that would draw customers and use bigger influencers to expand his brand.

Brand Pierre is now a million-dollar company and relies heavily on TikTok for promotion. Currently, Pierre has scaled the business into something more viable and is producing jewellery that he describes as having "purpose, meaning, and intention."

See one of his custom rings. @pierce_woodward

Elf Cosmetics

Elf hired a group of creatives to launch #EyesLipsFace, a dance challenge where content creators would display their eyes, lips, and faces to the beat of the song. The intended goal was to promote the hashtag using the brand's acronym (ELF).

The song was catchy enough to get stuck in your mind, thus making you aware of the brand in your subconscious. The fact that no makeup was required made the challenge itself enjoyable. This caused the brand to become popular on TikTok. 9.2 billion views have been recorded so far.

Here is one of the #EyesLipsFace challenges. @oliviasalmen


In recent years, social media has played a significant role in Crocs' marketing efforts, allowing the company to develop reactive content based on popular user trends. After learning the company was going viral on TikTok, they took advantage and created several challenges.

The most popular was by far the #ThousandDollarCrocs challenge, in which participants were urged to "class up" their crocs as much as they could. The goal was to show people what $1000 crocs looked like. Together with YouTuber Adam W and artist Post Malone, the campaign received over 3 billion video views.

See one of the #ThousandDollarCrocs challenges. @crocs

Klassy Network

Klassy Network was founded in 2019 by Natalie Rogers because she needed a fashionable top she could wear without a bra. Since she couldn't find any that she liked, she made her own. In making her own, she needed something comfortable with built-in padding.

This insight was reinforced as her concept gained traction in 2020 when a video of her "halter brami" became popular on TikTok and Instagram.

Since then, Klassy Network has been providing chic bodysuits, bra tops, and bramis (a hybrid between a bra and a camisole) to women all over the world. Many of these ladies learn about her creations through her TikTok, which has approximately 500,000 followers.

She experienced the quickest growth on TikTok, thus highlighting its marketing effects. Klassy Network is a 6-figure business today, and Natalie continues to inspire women.

Check out one of her videos. @klassynetwork

In Conclusion

Although TikTok caters mostly to a young audience, things are evolving. Gen-Xers are using the app in greater numbers than ever before.

TikTok for business is unquestionably a crucial and expanding factor to take into account for your company if you want to connect, engage, and communicate with specific members of your audience. This will help raise awareness for your brand.

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