June 9, 2023
UGC Generation

UGC for Social Media Marketing

Learn how to incorporate UGC marketing in your social media promotions.

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Social media's vastness and omnipresence in today's world provide an opportunity for businesses to leverage users for content and testimonials to promote products and provide free marketing.

So how does this happen? When scrolling through your favourite social media platform, you always stumble upon heartfelt testimonials, captivating images, and authentic experiences shared by real people such as friends and followers. Naturally, you will get curious and check out the tagged page, and that is how you end up discovering a new location or restaurant etc.

This kind of content that constantly appears in our feed in the form of testimonials is simply described as User-Generated Content (UGC). Essentially, UGC is original, authentic content consumers publish on social media referring to a service or product. These types of user-created posts grab our attention and hold the unique power to influence your audience's purchasing decisions and general perceptions about your business.

UGC in marketing puts the consumer's voice at the forefront and can revolutionize your social media marketing. In this blog, we will reveal the marketing strategies that will help you leverage the power of UGC.

We will also delve into why UGC works by demonstrating its benefits and offering actionable methods of integrating it into your social media marketing journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of UGC social media marketing and get practical tips to boost your engagements and enhance your online coverage.


Why You Should Integrate UGC Marketing for Your Brand

User-Generated Content provides a wide range of benefits that will drive potential customers into your business because of the element of legitimacy and trust surrounding this strategy.

A survey conducted in 28 countries and with a sample size of more than 30,000 participants revealed that a fifth of the population is unlikely to trust information in an advertisement the first time they see it. 41% of the respondents affirmed they need to see the information repeated from different sources to believe it.

Therefore, word-of-mouth and recommendations are the marketing methods most consumers vouch for and trust. In today's digital world, UGC marketing is the modern-day word-of-mouth tool that businesses can leverage. UGC in social media marketing undoubtedly provides an excellent and credible endorsement in the following ways.

Social Proof - one of the most effective psychological triggers for customer decisions is the aspect of social proof. UGC marketing offers social proof in real time by allowing potential consumers to witness how other users have experienced your product or services. Audiences are more likely to interact with a brand that other customers have positively engaged which can be gotten from User Generated Content.

Authenticity and TrustUGC social media marketing enhances credibility since it originates from consumers who have tried and tested the product or services. This level of authenticity is undeniably effective because people are more likely to connect and trust the content shared with their friends, family, or followers. Integrating UGC social medial marketing can create trust with your audience and improve your brand status and credibility.

Brand Loyalty and Community Building- UGC offers consumers a chance to participate in the brand's growth rather than simply being an onlooker. Additionally, UGC in social media marketing provides an avenue for communication between your brand and your consumers, leading to a sense of community surrounding your business. Clients who frequently provide UGC eventually become loyal patrons and brand ambassadors, which entices new clients and builds a community around your brand. 


How to Incorporate UGC Social Media Marketing into Your Brand

 Now, let's dive into the most critical steps and tips on integrating UGC into Social Media for Your Brand.

i. Select the Most Relevant Social Media Platform.

The first step in employing UGC marketing for your brand is to select the social media networks that will be most significant for your campaign. As such, you need to understand where the social media platform where the majority of consumers can deploy UGC marketing. You may consider requesting services from a UGC agency such as ttagz to conduct market research and help you identify the most impactful social network to begin your UGC marketing campaign.

Arguably, Instagram updates can provide a good UGC platform because of the visual nature of the app, which allows visual and video content, while Twitter is great for textual testimonials.

ii. Define your Objectives

The impact UGC will have on your entity largely depends on your goals for the campaign and how you plan to collect this content and employ it in your social media marketing. For instance, if you want more followers, you can devise a strategy that encourages other users to engage with UGC related to your business and follow your page to get some incentives.

iii. Determine the best UGC Marketing Strategy

For a successful UGC campaign, you must look at the available UGC tools and methods and determine the effective approach that aligns with your brand. Some of the most feasible UGC strategies include:

Video Content – in this method, you can encourage consumers to submit their experience with your product in a video form to provide testimonials on how it works. These UGC videos can then be re-shared; the users with the most views will be recognized and incentivized with free items or discounts in the future. Content in media sharing platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels is likely to be viewed ten times more than promotional videos made by a company. Therefore, one of the UGC videos can easily go viral and boost your online presence significantly.

Reviews- more than half of consumers usually conduct thorough research about a product before making purchasing decisions. You can encourage your clients to leave reviews on your Facebook Page or in the form of comments under your Instagram Updates. Reviews can act as a form of UGC marketing because they provide real testimonials, which will establish authority and dependability, leading to higher conversion rates.

Hashtag Campaigns - hashtags are imperative in amplifying User-Generated Content by encouraging discoverability to users. When clients and potential users participate in hashtag trends created by your business, it becomes easier for everyone to find content and curate it to promote your brand. Hashtags can also help you track the impact of your UGC campaign by measuring impressions and reach, which can help you redefine your tactics.

iv. Asses the success of your UGC Campaign

This is the final step to employ in your UGC social media marketing because it will help you determine whether the approach is improving your business. One of the best UCG tools to analyze your progress is Hootsuite Analytics to view valuable metrics. Other User-generated content tools include Hootsuite streams, TINT, and Chute. Depending on the results, you can decide to adjust your strategy or scale your UGC campaigns for more traffic and conversions.


UGC Agencies- A Tool to Amplify Your UGC Campaigns

Despite the massive UGC benefits, it can be quite often challenging to search for all UGC posts and videos, especially when running hashtag campaigns while still running your business. Therefore, it is prudent to seek the services of a UGC Agency, which will smoothen the collaboration between social media users and your brand. These agencies include:

ttagz - this is the first UK digital marketing agency that employs UGC in its marketing strategy. Notably, ttagz is a user-generated tool curated to help you remain connected to your audience and discover the most interesting User-Generated Content. By employing this agency, you can be sure to magnify your customer's voices as they promote your business.

Pixlee TurnTo - this agency uses its software to automate User-Generated Content collection from social media platforms and customers, which will help you save time and focus on other aspects of your business.

Taggbox - this agency has a UGC Suite that allows you to collect UGC, publish content across different platforms, and handle collections all in one dashboard.



In conclusion, social media provides businesses with the opportunity to leverage user-generated content (UGC) for marketing purposes. UGC, which includes testimonials, images, and experiences shared by real people, holds the power to influence purchasing decisions and shape perceptions about a brand. By incorporating UGC into their social media marketing, businesses can benefit from social proof, authenticity, trust, brand loyalty, and community building. To integrate UGC effectively, brands should select relevant social media platforms, define campaign objectives, determine the best UGC marketing strategy (such as video content, reviews, and hashtag campaigns), and assess the success of the UGC campaign using analytics tools. Additionally, UGC agencies like ttagz, Pixlee TurnTo, and Taggbox can help amplify UGC campaigns and streamline collaboration between brands and social media users. Overall, embracing UGC can breathe new life into a brand's social visibility and foster meaningful connections with customers.

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