August 25, 2022
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Cafe Post Ideas in the UK

If you're a new cafe, here are some post ideas for Instagram.

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With 700 million users, Instagram can be the ideal platform to showcase your products and services, as well as a direct channel to your customers.

Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. - are among the cheapest and most effective means of publicizing businesses in the most varied segments on the internet, whether online or offline. In addition to showing products and services, it is possible to create exclusive campaigns and promotions for your business, attracting and retaining customers.

Among the tools, we will highlight Instagram, which already has 700 million users worldwide and continues to grow. Aimed at publishing images and videos, it is the ideal showcase to promote your Coffee Shop or Cafe!

We've separated 7 unbeatable tips to rock your Cafe's Instagram. Take a look below:


1.Only use quality photos

We can't forget that Instagram is a network of images, so the first thing we need to keep in mind is the production of the image. No photos with low resolution blurred or with shadows that interfere with the understanding of what is being shown. Instead, spend a little time organizing the scene and perfecting the framing. If you have a cell phone with a good camera, you can use it, but if you have a camera or a photographer friend who can help you, great! You can also use Instagram's own filters to improve light, colour and contrast. But don't use several filters at once and, if possible, use just one to create an identity for your brand.


2.Use the feed as a menu

Don't post for posting. Do a little planning in the week about the news, fresh products or new recipes that you are about to present to the public and organize your posts. Imagine that Instagram is a 'differentiated' menu of your coffee shop, where you will show your delights. When they see a new photo, you have to make your followers want to go and try that hot espresso or mocha with hazelnut cream and a slice of cake, for example.


3.Search for the best times

Sometimes are more conducive to posts making your images seen by more people. However, this will depend on the profile of your audience. Therefore, initially, you can vary the times and pay attention to the posts with the highest engagement from the public and based on this analysis, always publish at that time. For example, in the coffee business, some good times are early in the morning, one after lunch (around 1 pm/2 pm) or around 4 pm. But don't overload the feed - one post a day is fine and even every other day. Sometimes it's better not to publish than to present something poorly done or unimportant to your audience.


4.Use the correct #hashtags

Hashtag is a language that helps to gather subjects on the net. The right strategy is to choose relevant hashtags for each photo. Choose the ones that have to do with the post, and the more specific, the more relevance Instagram will give. For coffee shops, of course, use those related to coffee, its types, variations and side dishes. It's also cool to create your own branded hashtag to bring together the audience that admires your company. Just be careful not to overdo the number of #hashtags, so you don't visually pollute your post.


5.Talk to your followers

As the name says, the network is social. So, it would help if you interact with your audience. Encourage comments, tagging friends, and sharing posts. All this with interesting and attractive publications. And never fail to respond to comments and messages. After all, this is yet another channel of contact with your audience.


6.Don't forget the videos

In addition to photos, Instagram allows the dissemination of small videos, which can also be broadcast live. This is an interesting feature to show something different - preparing a drink, telling a little story - a customer's testimonial, or presenting something that is happening at that moment - a raffle for a promotion, for example. But the videos need to follow the same standard of quality and planning as the images.


7.Sponsor the most relevant posts

Instagram allows you to do paid promotion of your posts. At affordable prices, you can reach specific audiences for your business. In the app itself, you will find the "Promote" button to boost your business profile as a whole or each publication individually. Instagram will walk you through the filters for the audience, location, campaign type, duration, and amounts to be invested. Then you choose the payment method, and with the credits, Instagram will direct and leverage your publication.


Final thoughts,

Those who venture into entrepreneurship should know that they will not find easy tasks along the way: standing out among competitors and facing periods of economic crisis are some of the challenges that an entrepreneur faces in his career. 

The good news for those who invest in a Cafe is that this market is always hot. After all, coffee and snaking are still part of the population's daily life.

Still, it's not worth it to settle down. You must always study ways to attract new customers and, of course, increase your Cafe sales.

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