September 30, 2022
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How to go viral on TikTok in 2024

Here are the most important steps for going viral on TikTok.

Farah Dietrich
Marketing Manger
Worked across agencies, specialising in social media management, community building and design.
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Do you know how to go viral on TikTok? This is a million-dollar question. After all, what social network user doesn't want to know how to succeed there? However, anyone who thinks the platform is just for dancing is wrong.

The social network offers an infinity of possibilities for its users to contribute authentic, fun and instructive content. But is there a formula to go viral there?

With that in mind, we prepared this post to help you understand why to invest, how the algorithm works and 5 easy tips on how to go viral on TikTok. Come check it out!

Why should your business invest in TikTok?

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users. This shows that having an account for your business on the platform can be a great strategy.

That way, all you need to do is create informative and fun content for up to 1 minute and start spreading your brand little by little.

According to experts, investing in relatively newbie social networks is important. This is because the number of content producers is a little smaller than the number of consumers, which makes your content more likely to stand out.

Another benefit of investing in TikTok is that the platform is made up of a relatively young audience, born in the digital age, with ages ranging from 15 to 25 years old. That is, soon they will be ready to buy.

But not only that! Check out other good reasons for your business to be on TikTok:

  • Low investment: on TikTok, you don't need to make high investments to reach a certain audience. All it takes is a proper marketing strategy for your content to reach a large audience;
  • Power of virtualization: if you bet on good digital marketing for your business, there is a great possibility that your content will go viral on the platform, mainly because the network has a high engagement rate ; 
  • Targeted Audience: TikTok's audience is quite young. However, there is a large percentage of people of other ages on the platform, which allows a greater reach for your business there.

Realize that there are plenty of reasons to establish your business's digital presence on this social network. Now let's find out how to go viral on TikTok!


How does the TikTok algorithm work?


Anyone who wants to go viral on TikTok needs to know a little about the algorithm of this social network, as it determines what will appear in each person's feed.

The most adopted method on the network is the "trial and error" method. That's because it's not known how the TikTok algorithm works. However, those who create content there can understand what may or may not work.

But there are those doubts: how to go viral on TikTok? Is there a way to please the algorithm? Do I need to have a lot of views to go viral? 

To answer such questions, the user needs to know a few things, such as:

  1. The TikTok system works through content recommendations. The more people interact, the more the network will understand that the content is relevant. Thus, will recommend it to other users.
  2. If the user enjoys a specific style of content, TikTok will recommend content from similar accounts to them.
  3. When a person follows an account, the network begins to understand that accounts of that style are the ones that most interest the user.
  4. The fact of including more detailed information about the video, such as hashtags and captions, can optimize the delivery of content on the network.

TikTok's algorithm works around a few input factors that monitor content delivery and engagement. In other words, it all depends on how people interact with the app. Consequently, this affects the delivery of your content.


How to go viral on TikTok by following 5 simple tips?

Now that you know how the algorithm works, it's time to get some tips on how to go viral on TikTok.

But first, it is important to remember that there is no ready-made recipe. All tips need to be tested. That way, you can identify what works for your audience and what doesn't.

So check out 5 simple tips to help your business go viral on TikTok now! 

Be authentic

It is common for people to think that it is necessary to invest a lot of money to make ads or posts on social media. However, on TikTok, the proposal is different.

The user needs to be authentic on the platform and post genuine content. It's no use investing a lot as if it were a television advertisement because, probably, the content will not have space, nor will it go viral on the network.

What makes TikTok different is that it makes it possible for anyone to achieve visibility, as long as their content is interesting and fun for the user.


Music licensing for branded content

Branded content must only contain music from the Commercial Music Library. If you (or your brand/advertising partner) have obtained the necessary music license rights to use music that is not available in the Commercial Music Library, you will need to upload your branded content video via the normal TikTok video upload flow (not through the TikTok Creators Marketplace) and confirm that you have obtained the necessary rights to use that song.


Interact with your followers

Interacting with followers is the gateway for your business to go viral on TikTok. That's because it's no use getting the views but not keeping the audience engaged, right?

The user who wants to go viral on TikTok needs to understand that on the network, there is a community of people who will engage and follow their posts. 

So, with every comment you reply to on your videos, TikTok will notify users, and this generates a better relationship with the audience because you paid attention.

In addition, the social network provides polls similar to those in Instagram stories, so you can interact with your audience. And you can also respond to comments through videos, which generates more interaction in posts.


Produce quality content

In addition to posting frequently, it is important that your business offers quality content. After all, most likely, if a user likes a video, they will visit your profile to check out other materials you have already posted and even follow you.

But it's like we mentioned: frequency needs to be linked to quality. Therefore, videos with good lighting, good resolution, good audio and interesting and fun content can make a big difference when your video goes viral on TikTok.


Use subtitles in videos

Digital accessibility is important in any social network. Therefore, it is recommended that any company or business that wants to reach more people on TikTok start inserting subtitles in their videos.

On the platform, there is the option of automatic subtitles. So, when uploading your video, activate the subtitles option and make changes if there are any grammatical or misunderstanding errors.

There is also the option for you to use the "Text" item on TikTok. This makes it possible to make the video more fun and personalized.

Keep up with trends

Any user who wants to know how to go viral on TikTok should keep an eye on the platform's trends and see what's working there. Following hashtags is also a way to find out what is going viral on the net. 

In the "Discover" part, you can see which videos and topics are trending and capture ideas to produce your content.

A good tip is to enable location to know what is popular in your area. That way, you can better analyze what's working and what's not. 



TikTok has over a billion monthly active users, making it an essential platform for businesses looking to expand their digital presence. The platform is particularly useful for businesses that want to target a young audience between the ages of 15 and 25. TikTok provides an opportunity for businesses to produce fun, informative, and authentic content that is shared and viewed by millions of people.

While there is no guarantee of going viral on TikTok, businesses can follow a few tips to improve their chances. Being authentic and producing original content is the first step. Interacting with followers is another way to build a relationship with the audience and increase engagement. Using hashtags and captions can help optimize content delivery. Finally, it is essential to use music from the Commercial Music Library for branded content.

By following these tips, businesses can stand out on TikTok, reach a larger audience, and grow their digital presence. TikTok's algorithm works by recommending content to users based on their interactions with the platform. By creating engaging content, businesses can improve their chances of going viral and building a strong community of followers.

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