February 22, 2023
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How to Market a Bar Online?

Learn how to easily market your bar online to increase customers and sales.

Ipinmi Akinkugbe
Content Writer
B2B content writer & travel blogger with experience crafting compelling and engaging content for companies in the creator economy and social media industry.
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Attracting customers to a bar is not easy. First, you need to understand what the people around your business want and adjust to it. In this post, I give you some tips to earn more and work better.

Opening a business and filling the place has become a daunting task due to the growing competition and the financial crisis. Many bars and restaurants sit empty until it's time to close their doors.

Work on how you present yourself to customers; it is essential to gain an advantage over the competition and attract new customers. The important thing is that you work within the limits of the budget that you have set for yourself. Create an effective business plan considering all costs: food, beverage, staffing, entertainment, maintenance, promotion, cleaning, and utility bills.

But let's go back to the central topic: how to attract customers to a bar?

1.To get more customers, get to know them better

First of all, it is necessary to reflect: what kind of bar do you have? Or, what kind of café do you want to open? Think about the people you're targeting as your audience, your budget, and the services (entertainment and promotions) you're willing to offer. For example, if you know that yours is a football fan or fan bar, it is easier to manage. Install a TV and pay for a football subscription – it can give you the right boost for a successful business!

2.Attract your customers with drinks and more…

Offer high-quality beverages, but keep enough variety in store to satisfy all types of customers. Ensure drinks are within reach for those who need a "cheaper" option. If, on the other hand, you aim for a high-spending clientele, always have the best brand drinks available because they will want to sit down and have the best wine you can offer. A good option is to accompany your drinks with food: sandwiches, fries and onion rings are just some of the appetisers you can offer.

However, if the clientele is more sophisticated, opt for vegetable and fruit salads or pasta (cold or hot, depending on the season). Fast food is generally the best option, even if the Apericena is an increasingly popular fad. Offering food to accompany a glass of wine is one way to attract and retain your customers. Treat your customers to a buffet or a delicious snack. Do something the other bars in the area still don't. And they will thank you with their loyalty.

3.Entertainment and good music to attract customers

Good music will always help create the right atmosphere in your bar. What music to choose? It depends on your customers. Classical or chill-out music could be the best option if your audience is an adult. On the contrary, rock and electronic music are right for you if your place is frequented by a young audience. Allow your customers to take advantage of board games or video games to brighten up the sad winter days. Hire well-prepared, good-looking staff who can communicate, even online, to establish a more confidential relationship with customers.

4.Events and theme parties to promote your bar

Unfortunately, customers won't come to your bar just because they like you. Instead, they need the incentive to choose your bar over another. Host special events, like a themed party, karaoke, or wine tasting. Hosting karaoke nights or tastings could be a great success for your business and attract customers by becoming the determining factor in their choice. If you don't have a kitchen, you could involve neighbouring businesses and create a more varied offer in collaboration with the nearby delicatessen or with the food shop that has opened a few meters away. Unity is strength; remember that. Weekdays are usually not crowded; why do most people rest at home after work? On those days, special offers can draw customers to your bar. Think, for example, of college Wednesdays or singles-only nights. Happy hour is also a great way to attract new customers (and keep old ones) to your business!

5.Use social media and blogs to your advantage

Making your business known with flyers is useful, but how much more effective can social networks be in promoting your business? There are many potential customers who, before going out, search online for places to spend the evening. Create an official account for your bar on the main social networks and give it visibility by posting updates, offers and photos, which portray your collaborators, people sipping your most choreographed drink, or the crunchy sandwich you just served at the table.

Use Google MyBusiness

Create a Google My Business page.  This a foolproof way to allow your business to become Googleable, especially locally. Try looking for a bar in your area. Simply write "bar" in the Google search bar. What do you see? The first result is Google's local pack. A box inside which, in order of proximity, you will find the bars that have created their My Business page in your area. You can't give up so much visibility. It will only take you a few minutes. And think of how many people look for this information daily, just like this: tourists, commuters, and passers-by who are unfamiliar with the area but need a lot of orientation.

Reach your potential customers with Facebook local

Furthermore, with Facebook, you can simply create targeted ads. For example, if you want to sponsor your Facebook page, just go to "Ads Management" and click on "Create an ad". This will open a screen where you can choose the goal of your campaign. Among the various objectives, I advise you to focus on "Reach the people close to your company". You will be able to set an ad visible only to those who are within a certain radius of the place where your bar is located.

Many people use Google and social networks to find restaurants and bars in their area, and many give feedback on the bars they go to. This is called User Generated Content UGC. Use social platforms to your advantage, and offer discounts to those who give you positive feedback. Enhance your social media presence. This way, your customer's friends will know how great your bar is. It's one of the best ways to gain approval and consideration, even online, attracting people to your place.

6.Create your own website to attract customers to a bar

Attracting customers with your commercial offer, as you can see, is just one of the things you can do. Among many others, having an attractive website positioned on search engines for the words your users type when they search for your products is a way to distinguish yourself from businesses like yours.

In Conclusion: Final Tip

Attracting customers to a bar is not an easy task, especially with the growing competition and financial crisis. However, there are several ways to attract and retain customers. It is important to create an effective business plan considering all costs, understand the customers' needs, offer high-quality beverages and food, provide entertainment and good music, host special events and theme parties, and use social media and blogs to your advantage. Additionally, creating a Google My Business page and using Facebook local can help reach potential customers. By implementing these strategies, you can gain an advantage over the competition and attract new customers to your bar.

A seemingly obsolete but still effective (especially in small towns) method of advertising a bar is promotion through the use of flyers and brochures. Leafleting is an excellent way to attract local clientele.

Another effective strategy that many bars implement is using hostesses and promoters to distribute flyers, made by using a flyer maker, outside the bar or in key locations to attract customers. This type of communication can be interesting if you make these staff recognizable with shirts or dresses with your bar logo to represent them. Sponsor small local events. You can buy T-shirts with your logo for your neighbourhood soccer team; this will boost your image around the neighbourhood. Think about it!

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