October 26, 2022

Influencer marketing agencies in the UK

We've listed the best influencer marketing agencies in the UK

Despite the fact that Instagram has become more than just an influencer hub, influencer marketing is still on the rise there.

In 2022, 93% of marketing professionals have integrated influencer marketing into their marketing mix. Influencer services grew 26% year over year. 

However, when it comes to collaborating with influencers, it's not just about picking a random social celebrity. As with any marketing strategy, the success or failure of influencer marketing is in the details. Although the perfect influencer varies from brand to brand, what better way to get you started than with a list of the top UK influencers in 2022?


Alex Gaskarth – 949k subscribers

 Alex Gaskarth is the first in our list of English influencers on Instagram. This music influencer and songwriter often posts about his work, travels and lifestyle, giving his followers an inside look at his life.


Sam Holand – 908k followers

 Sam Holand is a British influencer who found fame on social media. Since then, he has amassed over 908K Instagram followers and built a successful career as an influencer.

He is known for his cooking and lifestyle posts. He has also collaborated with a number of brands and companies and can be a perfect macro influencer to promote your brand.


Otilly Grace – 104k followers

Content creator Otilly Grace is one of the UK's top English influencers and bikini models. She is famous for her lifestyle and travel content on YouTube and Instagram. Grace has worked with brands such as Meshki, Shein, Jaded London, and more.


Jordon Wilson – 69.9k followers

Jordan Wilson is known for his lifestyle posts and humour. He has about 1 million subscribers on YouTube and shares his videos there. Jordan has a strong community of fitness enthusiasts, thanks to his healthy and active lifestyle.


Sinead Dolan – 29.7k followers

Sinead Dolan is one of the English influencers who have about 30K followers on Instagram. She is most famous for her fashion and beauty content, which she regularly shares with her fans. This nano influencer also posts travel and lifestyle content.


Top 5 Influencer marketing agencies 


Are you eager to make your chances go viral? Hiring influencers for these events is the best way to gain popularity. Influencer marketing agencies are a valuable resource for brands looking to partner with influencers. They are a great guide for active organisations that are limited in time or incompetent in conducting influencer-marketing initiatives in everything. They help clients at every stage of the content marketing process, from researching experts to managing them, producing content and collecting and analysing marketing results.

To shorten your search list, we've featured a number of top agencies that value influencer marketing and have incorporated digital platforms as an integral part of their strategies.


1.   Kairos Media

 One of the original content marketing agencies, it is currently the UK's largest digital social media agency and has won awards speaking for it. It is one of the fastest-growing interpersonal marketing agencies in the world, dealing with content brand marketing and delivering results in every business.

Kairos takes a 360-degree marketing approach, blending (statistical) research with (creative) arts to ensure brands outperform "old school" media spending by more than 5x. It has generated and partnered with more than 75,000 marketers across more than 1,500 initiatives, spanning more than 55 countries in more than 20 languages, from its offices in London, Manchester and Los Angeles.

Influencer booking with Kairos Media is entrusted to most of the biggest brands in the world, such as Samsung, Pizza Hut, Facebook, Krispy Kreme, KFC, Gigabyte, AliExpress and AMD, for innovative social content and for running campaigns that make its customers famous.


2.   Viral Nation

 Viral Nation is a global creative consulting and influencer advertising firm that promotes fans of Instagram, Vine, YouTube and Snapchat on the most dynamic social media platforms. They engage in both aspects of digital advertising, operating as an agency for companies looking to support businesses as well as influencer marketing. They promise to have a unique talent platform in the world.

GoPro, Disney, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and McDonald's are some of the well-known brands in their customer database. It's a comprehensive agency overseeing everything from creator engagement to creative vision, media planning and market strengthening through its carefully curated network of influencers. Across all their initiatives and platforms, Viral Nation claims to have 400,000,000 engaged customers.


3.   Audiencely

 Supporting funny videos or glamorous posts isn't all that content marketing entails. With Audiencely, the appropriate influencer marketing effort helps you reach and retain your target audience directly and in the long term.

Connect marketers with social influencers. They collaborate with both customers and influencers on both ends of the marketing mix. Digital advertising, campaign planning, customer creation, product integration and both physical and virtual events are among the marketing benefits they offer businesses. Gaming is their main focus on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. They partner with more than 5,000 influencers who collectively have a reach of more than 250 million people.

 Audiencely has managed over 1000 successful strategies and initiatives with influencers so far. For their brand partners, they have also been able to secure high returns on marketing expenses.


4.   Open Influence

The world's first influencer advertising agency that creates and implements comprehensive and sustainable initiatives for the world's most prestigious clients. It specializes in innovative commercial content and solutions for influencers. They have more than 1,000 premium customers and operate from seven branches in four countries. They are young and motivated, having been nominated on Forbes' 30 Below 30 and Inc.'s 30 Within 30 lists.

Open Influence is a comprehensive social marketing company that uses distinctive digital infrastructure, industry data and meticulous processes to consistently produce high-quality content. Their purpose is to expand the narrative process for both marketers and media providers by focusing on efficiency, authenticity and openness. A four-step procedure follows:

  • Creative thinking
  • Vendor identification
  • Campaign management and reach of influencers
  • Campaign coverage


5.   Galaxy Marketing


Galaxy Marketing is a digital advertising agency that offers a variety of services to its clients. Individuals and agencies, as well as anyone willing and able to pay for assistance, can place orders with management.



To conclude, these are the 5 most popular digital/influencer marketing agencies in the world. They can organise everything for you, whether you want to start a campaign on Instagram, Twitter or any other social network. Now, it's your choice which agency you would like to have an influencer booking with.

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