October 3, 2022
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Instagram post ideas for vegan restaurants 2024

Find post ideas to help promote your vegan restaurant on Instagram.

William Yates
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To attract customers to a vegan restaurant through Instagram, you need ideas, creativity and planning. So here are some ideas to take care of the page in the best way!

In today's world, you know, even restaurant marketing is mainly on social networks. Therefore, advertising a restaurant is an activity that requires patience and a lot of creativity, especially if you want to attract customers to an atypical place, such as a vegan restaurant

Here is the guide you've been waiting for to understand how to promote a vegan restaurant on Instagram.


Vegan restaurant: why choose Instagram?

The most effective weapon for any restaurant business is images. By images, we mainly mean the shots of their dishes and creations. Nothing manages to attract customers like a well-done shot of a colourful and inviting plate or like a photograph of happy moments inside the room. To succeed in this venture, the restaurant must have its own Instagram account, a real visibility accelerator!

Instagram is a social media based entirely on images: a sort of photographic portfolio with high commercial potential. Those who manage to offer convincing frames have an excellent chance of acquiring new customers. Imagine a shot of a freshly created vegetable flan or an extremely tempting eggplant parmigiana. Even better if these images are posted just before lunchtime. Undoubtedly these photos help to stimulate the attention of users, generating curiosity and the desire to try.


Marketing for restaurants: the value aspect

The question of values ​​may seem complicated to understand, but it is absolutely so. To promote a vegan restaurant, this concept must be internalized and deepened.

But what does "question of values" mean? A vegan restaurant is notoriously a food business that bases its image on a healthy offer, based on products of the earth and adverse to the consumption of meat. 

To relaunch a vegan restaurant, the first thing to do is, therefore, to put the value aspect at the centre of the narrative, in particular for what concerns content marketing. This means that in creating content, a vegan activity must push a lot on people's health, the need for healthy eating, and the ethical implications of a vegan diet. In short, it must share its core values ​​with its community. 

How to transfer all this to Instagram? Simple, the Instagram page of a vegan restaurant must convey the company's mission by transforming itself into the manifesto of a healthy life. Not only dishes but also images of nature or background colours that recall the colours of the earth, such as green or yellow. Anyone who enters the Instagram page of activity of this type must immediately understand that he has arrived in a healthy universe and is perfectly compliant with their way of thinking.


Instagram for vegan restaurants: what content to offer? 

As already mentioned, to advertise a restaurant based on healthy cuisine, it is not enough to simply reproduce the photos of the dishes. In addition to food photography, there is a need for creativity and, why not, to get out of the box a little. Here are some useful tips that can help you promote your restaurant.


Before selling, tell

The story is what users like most. Often Instagrammers are more interested in how to get there than the result. We must therefore think that the dish is only the latest result of a much broader process, which goes from the choice of raw materials to creation in the kitchen. For the marketing of a vegan restaurant, it is therefore very important to describe this process, possibly with content that resumes the work in the so-called backstage or with shots of raw materials.


Customers love the details

As mentioned before, one of the first rules of a vegan restaurant is to create a scale of values ​​to be shared with customers. In order to best seal this cultural synergy, it is good that the restaurant is as detailed and transparent as possible. This means that each photo of a typical dish from the restaurant must be accompanied by a detailed description of the ingredients used in the recipes. In addition to ensuring transparency, this method increases customer confidence and allows them to know in detail what makes up their favourite dishes, generating content that can be partially reproduced in the restaurant's blog.


Transparency on products

A health-conscious customer also appreciates research into the selection of raw materials. So why not involve your suppliers in the storytelling? There is nothing more valuable for fans of vegetarian cuisine than knowing the exact origin of the food. Farmhouses, growers, wineries. All suppliers can become part of your vegan restaurant's story.


Use Stories

Stories are an incredible weapon in the world of Instagram. The stories can tell small moments of a life lived in your restaurant, or they can resume the finalization of a dish as moments of jubilation among customers. The more compelling the story proposed through the stories, the more users will be more and more interested in participating.

The stories can also be set in different ways. They can be created from images alone, from videos or set up as quizzes or polls. Within them, you can launch a hashtag, tag a supplier as well as a customer or use them to get feedback on your work. Using stories creatively is undoubtedly an opportunity not to be missed.


Push customers to share

Another very powerful tool for restaurant marketing is User Generated Content, which is the flow of visibility that comes from all those contents generated independently by users. In fact, what is more, powerful than word of mouth? For this reason, a winning strategy is to encourage users to share photos of their experience in the restaurant. To encourage this activity, a good technique is to create official hashtags that users can use for their shares, perhaps offering them as a reward for this free advertising some small prizes or samples of particular dishes.


Choose the right Influencers Collaboration

In the variegated world of Instagram, influencers have more success. For good restaurant content marketing, it is therefore advisable to also rely on their ability to attract attention to themselves and to their passions. In the health-conscious world, there are many prominent personalities who could play a decisive role, think for example as, nutritionists, food coaches, fitness teachers, nature lovers and so on. Relying on an influencer or micro-influencer could prove to be like a multiplier.


Take advantage of videos

Videos are becoming a staple of restaurant marketing, as they are now much more popular and viewed than photographs. Through this format, users obtain information with much less effort than reading a text and more in-depth knowledge than an image. So why not exploit them? A vegan restaurant could, for example, make a small video on the creation of a special dish or tell how the certain raw material is grown and used later in the kitchen.



Promoting a vegan restaurant on Instagram requires creativity, planning, and an understanding of the values associated with veganism. Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase visually appealing images of dishes and convey the restaurant's mission to its audience. In addition to food photography, restaurants can provide details about the ingredients and the selection process, create stories that showcase behind-the-scenes work, encourage users to share their experiences through official hashtags, and collaborate with influencers to increase visibility. By implementing these strategies, vegan restaurants can effectively market themselves on Instagram and attract customers who are interested in healthy eating and ethical lifestyles.

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