October 14, 2022
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How to promote a new bar in the UK 2024

Here you will find important tips to promote your brand new bar.

James Laden
CMO at Effer Ventures. Digital Marketing and sales expert. Co-founder of ttagz and The Affiliate Monkey
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Many entrepreneurs seek to stand out from the competition, and for that, having ideas for bars that are innovative is important.  

The market for bars and restaurants is one of the most competitive in the country, since, according to data, there are millions of establishments in this sector in the national territory.

This shows that this market is not one of the simplest to open a new business or boost the growth of an existing one. For this, it is necessary to offer differentials that are attractive to consumers.  

Therefore, ideas for bars must seek innovation and interesting opportunities, designed especially to attract their target audience.  

In such a competitive market, finding ways to achieve this innovation and prominence is undoubtedly challenging. So, here are some tips to make this task a little easier for those who want to bet on this line of business.

Best bar promotion ideas in the UK in 2024


Those looking for the best ideas for bars can end up getting lost amid a wide range of possibilities, which are not always productive.  

So, the first step towards the right suggestions is to have a well-established business model before adding more ideas to the project.

This organization will serve as a guide for planning each step that will lead the enterprise to operate efficiently. 

While some ideas may apply to any type of bar, others may not be interesting for some models. 

For example, investing in a welcoming and engaged team and offering good service is something that any business should aim for. 


However, if you have a young target audience and a funky atmosphere in mind, it may not be very interesting to hire a classical pianist to play on a themed night, for example.

So, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the type of bar you want to set up and adapt any tip to that reality and context.  

Another important point to consider is the budget available to be applied to the changes you want to make. 

Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious and perhaps start with smaller changes, which require less capital, until arriving at those with greater complexity.  

Now, here are some of the bar ideas that can help your business stand out in this scenario in 2022.


  1. Original decoration
  2. Cosy spaces
  3. themed nights
  4. Tiktok Marketing
  5. Happy hour
  6. Instagram Marketing
  7. Loyalty card
  8. personalized drinks
  9. Influencer Marketing
  10. bartender counter
  11. karaoke
  12. Bowling
  13. Photo boot
  14. Premises licence


Something that can initially attract audiences is the feeling of novelty and that what they are seeing is different from the norm.  

Most bars follow a similar theme, with the same type of furniture, lighting, and colour scheme and even the music they play is invariably the same in various establishments. 

At first, this may seem good, because it helps the public to identify what type of establishment it is. 


However, it is possible to make changes that continue to assume this role, but at the same time bring originality to the place.

An example is betting on a themed decoration, which goes according to what is offered on the food menu and, of course, drinks. 


Cosy spaces


Regardless of the type of decor and other bar ideas, it's important to make sure the place is warm and inviting.  

Some strategies are almost mandatory for this, such as warm, yellow ambient lights, which promote a feeling of greater intimacy. 

Another change in the environment that can bring these characteristics is the music, which should not be too loud, as people like to chat in bars, and doing this over excessively loud music can be quite uncomfortable. 

However, making an environment welcoming demands efforts beyond the physical environment. People play a big role in achieving this.  

It is important to form a reliable team, with people who are not only qualified for their role but who are also friendly, kind and welcome customers, making them feel at home. 

Training and constant alignment of plans with the team can be beneficial in promoting a healthy and rewarding work environment.


Digital Marketing


Marketing is very important to attract customers, however, nowadays, with such a connected world, implementing digital marketing in your business will be a big differentiator.

Invest in promoting your bar/restaurant on social media. Among the networks and search engines, the main ones to be present are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Google


Theme nights


Theme nights are one of the ideas for bars that have been used for decades, but which often have their positive impact on the business underestimated.  

Some entrepreneurs try to bet on themed nights and give up in the face of the first difficulty, or after not having a desired return on the first experience.  

However, doing themed nights randomly, or very sporadically, may not have a significant impact on the movement. 

The idea is to plan a calendar, taking advantage of commemorative dates such as Carnival, Halloween, and Saint Patrick's Day, which is little known, but widely celebrated in pubs worldwide and many others.  

On these nights, you can offer discounts for those who are dressed up, and hire artists to perform on nights like rock, from the 60s, 80s, and 90s, for example, with several options. 

You can also plan themed nights that are repeated monthly or weekly, such as a country night on Thursdays or a stand-up Saturday in the last week of each month, for example.


Happy Hour


Happy Hour is one of the ideas for bars most used by this type of establishment and not for nothing, since this strategy, when well executed, can, in fact, attract many customers.  

Establishments located in or near shopping centres tend to reap even more rewards with the Happy Hour period. 

However, it is important to establish the days, which are usually from Wednesday to Friday, and the correct time for the beginning and end of it. For example, from 17:30 to 20:00, as it is a time that can take advantage of people who are leaving their hours.  

Once the happy hour has been established, it is necessary to prepare the house to receive the flow of people and not let this influence the quality of care.  

To be simpler, it is interesting to bet on a promotional menu for this event, with double beer and options of snacks to share or dishes in smaller portions and more affordable prices. 

Another interesting bet is, if your bar serves drinks, it is to create a specific one for that moment, perhaps with lower alcohol content, to be an option for those who want to drink, but are worried about having to work the next day. 


Loyalty card


The loyalty card is one of the ideas for bars that are not used so much, mainly because many do not think about its application in this type of establishment. 

This strategy is usually implemented with a physical card in which appointments are made each time the objective is reached and, after completing the card, the customer can exchange it for a discount or a menu item. 




Karaoke is a national success, but it is no longer present on a massive scale in establishments, becoming a sensation among those who still don't know it. 

To have karaoke at your bar, you don't have to go to an antique store, for example. 

That's because the best way to do this is to reserve a space to place a platform, stools, microphone and a screen to accompany the music.  

It is interesting to announce which karaoke nights will be so that customers are not taken by surprise and those who are more excited plan to be there.


Photo booth


Finally, few people are outside social networks and one of the most common scenes in bars today is seeing customers with their cell phones taking photos and videos to post online. 

This is a way to gain likes, but also to immortalize moments, and the search for “Instagrammable” places and objects attracts more and more people to some establishments.  

So, one of the ideas for bars that can take advantage of this trend is the installation of a photo booth. 

The similarity with foreign films and the opportunity to have a printed photo of a moment of relaxation is certainly a great calling card. 

Premises licence

In the vibrant landscape of promoting a new bar in the UK in 2024, securing the necessary premises licence stands as a pivotal step towards success. Aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the realm of hospitality understand the significance of navigating the legal intricacies surrounding alcohol service. Obtaining an APLH personal licence, also known as an alcohol personal licence, is not just a legal obligation but a strategic move to ensure smooth operations and compliance with regulations. A qualified alcohol personal licence holder not only demonstrates credibility but also safeguards the establishment against potential legal pitfalls. With the premises licence firmly in hand, backed by diligent adherence to licensing regulations and the expertise of an APLH personal licence holder, the stage is set for the new bar to carve its niche in the dynamic UK market.




What to do to attract customers to your bar?


One of the most effective ways to attract customers to your bar is one of the most established maxims in the business world: offering good service. 

Having a prepared, helpful, kind and courteous team is one of the main elements of being able to attract and retain customers. 

In an environment like a bar, where people go to have fun, it is also expected to find relaxation and the staff should try to pass that too. 

In addition, social networks and the internet are certainly powerful tools to promote your establishment. 


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