December 8, 2022

How to promote my vegan restaurant on social media

Here are some amazing ways to promote a vegan restaurant on social media.

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Veganism is a lifestyle that aims to avoid the use of animal products. Therefore, opening a restaurant for this specific audience is a challenge that requires a good marketing strategy for publicity.


The number of people calling themselves vegans is growing exponentially around the world. Whether for environmental reasons, animal welfare, or to address health concerns, more people are adopting a plant-based, meat-free diet.

Demand for vegan brands and products is exploding. So it's no surprise that smart business people and marketers are riding the wave.

So, what strategies can you use to reach this market and grow your vegan brand? Here are some Digital Marketing Strategies for Vegan Businesses.


Use of content marketing

Investing in content marketing on the appropriate media channels puts your brand in front of those who might be looking for a solution to their problem.

Buying decisions these days start with research. If there is quality content available about your product, your business is likely to catch the attention of potential customers.

Promoting content in specialized media can put you in front of the goal, so when customers are ready to buy, your business is likely to be well remembered. This makes the decision to buy from you that much easier.



When it comes to SEO or search engine optimization, we refer to the local search listing and the 'vegan' category page. For local businesses like vegan shops, restaurants or bars, a high Google Maps ranking is the best thing you can do to get your business's attention.

If you're running a local vegan business, there's no better position on the search engine results page than at the top. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, ranking high adds credibility and drives awareness traffic and more sales. In addition, it's a fairly simple, low-cost marketing effort.

Having a vegan category page on your website is also important. Even if you are not 100% vegan, you can make it easier for vegans to buy your products by creating a page of your vegan alternatives. Make sure you use basic SEO practices like URL naming, Meta title, Meta description, on-page testing, H1/H2, and H3 title tags, including the keyword "vegan".

For example, if your website has a menu, your page would show something like "Japanese vegan food menu". So start by finding the right keywords and get to work.


Google Ads for Vegan Searches

With Google Ads, you can capture searches for your vegan products or services. Then, build your keyword list using a tool like Google Keyword Planner, write ads that appeal to the right audience, and point to a relevant landing page.

Make sure you have conversion tracking and analytics in place to report and improve your site's performance.


Retargeting with the Google Display Network

Recreate, nurture and retain customers with Google Display Network remarketing ads. Place the ads pixel on your website, work with your team to create vegan-specific ads and drive traffic back to your vegan page, or use targeted dynamic ads to drive them back to the products they wanted to buy but suddenly abandoned the shopping cart.

Facebook Ads offers great retargeting solutions. Make sure you explore all options.


Social Media Ads

One of the best ways to market vegan products is through social media, and we all know that three of the most popular social media networks are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Using these social media is an incredibly effective way to reach vegan customers. Start by creating an audience of vegans and people who follow vegan content. Then, create an ad message that emphasizes your vegan offering and points to your landing page.

Both networks have great targeting options, explore everything, discuss with your team and choose the best marketing option to promote your vegan products.

If your vegan products are more suited to a younger audience, use Instagram, as it is the best social media platform for millennials. Create creative ads that will instantly grab the attention of Instagram users.

Pinterest users are probably the best shoppers. Design, food and fashion are some of the most popular topics, so there's already a lot of content related to veganism.

Pinterest ads are less competitive than other ads, such as Facebook or Instagram, for example, generating lower costs. It's recommended to create an ad targeted to vegan posts to stay ahead of potential customers as they browse. Also, it's recommended to create vegan-specific tags so that you can promote your products.

Anyway, by using these digital marketing strategies for vegan businesses, you will be able to achieve better results in less time and leverage your results.


Create your visual identity

These graphic elements will create an identity for your business and connect your audience to the brand. This includes colours, and the logo, among other features. Because veganism is a very specific niche, it is easier to identify the target audience.

Using this content on your restaurant's social media and promotional flyers are ways to strengthen your visual identity.



Veganism is a growing lifestyle that aims to avoid the use of animal products, and as such, it presents a unique challenge for businesses that cater to this audience. However, with the increasing demand for vegan brands and products, there are many digital marketing strategies that can help businesses reach and grow their vegan brand. Content marketing, SEO, Google Ads, retargeting, social media ads, and creating a visual identity are all effective strategies that businesses can use to promote their vegan products. By implementing these strategies, businesses can achieve better results in less time and leverage their success in the vegan market.

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