September 19, 2022
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Instagram Story Ideas for Cafes in The UK

Instagram Story ideas for your Cafe business.

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Everyone already knows how important it is for any business to be on Instagram, right? But do you really know how to engage your audience and spark interest in your product? To talk about cafe marketing in the digital age, it is essential to focus on stories for cafes on Instagram.

The logistics are simple. Record multiple videos and take multiple photos, posting them to form a sequence. A story that disappears in 24 hours. You can also better explain the content with location, hashtags, tagging other accounts, text and background in different formats, archive your favourite stories and pin them to your profile so users can see them again anytime.

It is a quick and practical tool whose impact depends on creativity and the strategy applied. See the tips we prepared for you:


Generate curiosity and arouse desire

For Instagram Stories, sharing juicy images of your dishes will always be appreciated by your followers, and if you do it often, it will keep them connected to your stories. If you also show them before and after dishes, it will stimulate their curiosity, which will make their stories doubly interesting.


Post videos that grab attention

What better way to make your customers'/followers' mouth water than by posting a sequence of videos with images highlighting the textures and colours of your dishes and allowing customers/followers to complete the scene, imagining the smell and the flavour? This strategy could work very well for your lunch menus, for example, inviting your executive and regional customers to try them.


Recipes in Stories cafes

A big trend these days is the taste that customers have for the kitchen, its tricks, and its ingredients. Foodies want to know everything about the dishes they taste, where they come from and how they are prepared. So please them by posting stories with your most profitable and popular recipes, especially those most creative dishes, because they will be in line with Instagram's concept, which is to share flashy and impactful images.


Show the cafes team in Stories

In these stories, although the gastronomic offer is not shown, the good atmosphere that exists among the employees is conveyed, which invites and makes you want to visit the restaurant. In fact, they archived a story called "family", which is kept pinned to their profile. This type of content serves to increase the engagement (degree of loyalty) of customers/followers, as it helps them to identify with the human side of the brand.


User/Customer-generated content 

When customers visit you, they take photos and videos of their experience, which they post on Instagram with the caption of your business account. These publications are very important for restaurant marketing, as they represent excellent spontaneous advertising. Sharing these posts in your stories will then have a very positive result, as it is a way to thank your customers and encourage interaction.


Make Live videos

Instagram also allows you to make live videos. The best thing about this feature is that customers can interact in real-time using stories for restaurants, through a chat and some emoticons, and establish a more powerful connection.

Do you know how many interesting stories there are behind a restaurant? Show it Live, and you will see how you will retain more and more customers/followers.

We hope that all these actions can be useful for your restaurant's marketing that your business has many customers on the digital plane and, of course, on the real plane, and that your Instagram stories bring all your followers to your tables.

Take polls

Drive engagement with polls about their favourite dish or what people want to order today. It's also worth funny polls without negative responses like "Of course!" and "It's logical!". The secret is to maintain constant communication and generate engagement.



Use funny photos and videos of the moment going viral, don't forget to customize the content for the reality of your business and your products. Funny posts help bring fun and engagement to your page and break up the sequence of posts just about the products themselves.

Engage your team on the page

Invite your employees to participate and give ideas in quieter moments of work. Encourage them to create their own stories and tag the establishment themselves. Introduce the team and value them! That way, your audience gets to know them and will make them feel even more intimate and close!

Don't forget the news

Every time you have something new to share, a new dish, a small renovation, a new promotion, make suspense, book a day, do a Live. Finally, generate expectations in customers.


Creativity and good humour are key to a cool Instagram page. Find other establishments similar to yours in other regions or cities that have a cool and engaging page! Copy their strategy with a touch of your personality, no problem! Don't forget to standardize your communication and visual identity so that it is easily identified.

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