May 19, 2023
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Best Bar Marketing Campaigns 2024

We've highlighted the best marketing campaigns for your bar business.

James Laden
CMO at Effer Ventures. Digital Marketing and sales expert. Co-founder of ttagz and The Affiliate Monkey
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It is important to incorporate the best bar marketing campaigns in your quest to promote your pub. With the evolution of modern technology and the internet, marketing strategies have become a necessity in the food and hospitality business. In times past, people made little effort to advertise their businesses. The hospitality industry has become more competitive, making it harder to be seen without the help of a marketing strategy.

It is less difficult to set up a bar, but keeping it open is the harder part. Marketing your bar to both new and current customers is crucial for this reason. The best bar marketing campaigns will help promote your business, as detailed by ttagz. Read further down, as we have the helpful information you need.

Why do you need to promote your bar?

With the rise of new bars and restaurants in the food industry, it is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. To grow a successful bar business, you need to attract new customers and retain their patronage. Some of the perks of promoting your bar include the following:

Brand Awareness

Promoting your bar aids in increasing brand awareness and recognition. It enables you to create a unique brand for your bar, which makes it simpler for clients to remember and distinguish your business from others. You may raise visibility and improve brand recognition by continuously advertising your bar through many means, such as social media, regional advertisements, or collaborations.

Attracting Customers

Promoting your bar effectively can draw in new clients. Because there is so much competition in the hospitality sector, advertising your bar can raise awareness and spark interest among potential customers. You may persuade customers to come to your bar and enjoy what you have to offer by exhibiting the unique attributes, atmosphere, and services of your business.

Driving repeat business

Promotion on a regular basis encourages repeat business from customers. You may entice clients to come back by consistently marketing your bar to keep it at the top of their minds. Customers can be encouraged to select your bar over rivals through special promotions, loyalty programs, or tailored offerings, developing a sense of loyalty and raising customer retention.

The Best Bar Marketing Campaigns and Strategies

Having a successful bar business means you must do something different from everyone else. We'll go over the bar-setting marketing strategies below that will increase awareness of your business and draw in new clients.


Partner with local businesses

An excellent way to advertise your bar and draw in more customers is to partner with nearby businesses. Start by locating local companies that cater to the same values and demographics as your target market. Send them a message with a detailed proposal describing the advantages of collaboration. In exchange for their desire to promote your company, offer to promote theirs.

Think of collaborating on events or providing each other's clients with exclusive deals. Your reach can be increased, and you can establish a powerful local presence by collaborating with neighbourhood companies. Don't be reluctant to contact possible partners right away.


Encourage Giveaways

Giveaways can be a powerful marketing tool for your bar's promotion. You can draw in new customers and increase client loyalty by providing free goods or services. Giveaways can help raise brand awareness and create conversation on social media. 

It's crucial to pick goods that are pertinent to your business and target market if you want to get the most out of this technique. For instance, giving away complimentary drinks to patrons who bring a friend might promote word-of-mouth recommendations. Additionally, advertising giveaways via email marketing and social media can help reach a larger audience.

Leverage the power of social media.

The use of social media as a marketing tool for bars cannot be overemphasised. It is an effective marketing tool that enables establishments to interact with consumers more personally and reach a larger audience. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used by bars to advertise events, deals, and new menu items.

By communicating with customers and responding to their comments and opinions, your brand can help foster a sense of community. Social media also offers helpful insights into consumer tastes and behaviours, enabling bars to modify their marketing strategies accordingly. Social media is a crucial part of any successful bar marketing campaign. If you haven't previously included the use of social media in your bar marketing campaigns, now is the next best time to do so.


Advertise with Photos

 Photos may be a very powerful marketing tool when it comes to promoting your bar. Start by taking professional shots of the interior and exterior of your pub, emphasising the distinctive elements that make it stand out from other establishments. Post these pictures to your website, social media accounts, and any other sites that are important to you.

To capture the character of your bar and provide a compelling visual narrative that will draw in new customers, think about employing a professional photographer. Don't forget to include pictures of your signature foods and drinks as well as any upcoming events or promotions. You can draw in new clients and keep them coming back by utilising images to display your bar's atmosphere and offers.

Ensure good customer service

As a bar owner, one of the successes of a good business involves excellent customer service. The progress of your bar business depends on how happy your customers are. Online reviews and referrals are crucial in the restaurant and bar markets. Some of the best-known examples of sites to get reviews for your exceptional customer service include Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google.

A positive rating on well-known review websites is the outcome of a satisfying dining experience at your establishment. This favourable review motivates additional customers to stop by your bar. Although it isn't specific advertising for your bar or restaurant, it improves your standing with clients and encourages more people to come in.

You must make sure that your staff provides top-notch customer service. Your employees may experience extreme stress as a result, so it's crucial to keep them motivated by offering attractive compensation and benefits.


Create a Lively Atmosphere with music

One of the most alluring and calm things to humans is music. Good music not only creates a positive atmosphere for your clients at the bar but also promotes your bar business. Some people enjoy their food and beverages with the music turned on. Investing in a live band or a good DJ will increase patronage at your bar. You need to research and investigate what type of music your target audience enjoys most.


Have updated menus

An updated menu is one of the best bar promotion strategies you can apply, and it is easy too. After doing anything for a while, people frequently grow bored. If your regular customers become too accustomed to your drinks and meals, they may want to try somewhere new. 

Spice up your menu by adding new items regularly. Learn about the newest foods and beverages. Create new recipes and conduct frequent research. You can hire a mixologist if you so desire and have them whip up new combos every other week.


Gather everyone through sports

Everyone knows sports and live games are one of the best ways people bond and interact cheerfully. It is also known that drinks and sports are intertwined. If you want to publicise your bar and promote your brand, have people gather for a live view of games and sports. To engage with your customers better, you can place bets or give surprise gifts to celebrate a game. This act can attract a lot of popularity to your bar.


Email Marketing Tool

Due to the simplicity of email marketing, some marketing firms overlook it. However, I've discovered that it may be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. It is one of the simplest bar marketing campaigns which attract new clients while demonstrating your superiority over the competition.

To maximise the opportunities offered by email marketing, you can do the following:

  • Gather customer email addresses (either in person or via social media channels) and send out periodic email coupons and special deals.
  • Create and distribute recurring newsletters to highlight your most recent or seasonal cuisine. You also communicate the fantastic new recipes on the menu or any impending routines.
  • Using email marketing, you can track your customers' preferences and adjust your menu accordingly. This process can be automated using some third-party applications.

Email marketing tools like Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor help you produce eye-catching, straightforward emails. You do not need to be a pro to use these tools. All you need is your logo, the written content, and a few pictures to start with, using the numerous templates available.

Here are some bar businesses that have made use of these campaign tips above to boost their brand and get new and returning customers.


E. & J. Gallo Winery

To promote its Californian wine label, Carnivor, US wine company E&J Gallo teamed up with the food blog Great British Chefs and created a series of meat-based recipes that are meant to be paired with the wines in the queue.

To encourage consumers to purchase Carnivor wines to go with their meals, Gallo reintroduced its campaign in which chefs prepare recipes for consumers to sample at home. The advertising campaign saw them make more sales than projected.


Be At One

Be At One is a chain of cocktail bars with locations across the UK. They have employed several marketing strategies to draw clients, such as their "2-for-1 Happy Hour" promotion, which gives clients two drinks for the price of one during particular hours of the day.

To advertise their events and discounts, they have also run social media campaigns and placed ads in neighbourhood magazines.


A craft beer firm called BrewDog operates bars in numerous UK locations. Their "Equity for Punks" crowdsourcing program, which enables customers to purchase company shares and receive discounts on drinks and merchandise, is one of their well-known unorthodox marketing strategies. Additionally, they have launched marketing campaigns for particular brews, such as their "Punk IPA" and "Hazy Jane" offerings.

Revolution Bars

Revolution Bars is a brand with several bar locations across the UK. To draw customers, they have employed a variety of marketing strategies, such as the "Vodka Showcase" promotion, which displays their wide variety of vodka and provides customers with discounted cocktails. To advertise their events and discounts, they have also run social media campaigns and placed ads in neighbourhood magazines.

The Alchemist

They are renowned for both their dramatic displays and creative cocktails. To draw consumers, they have used a variety of marketing strategies, such as their "Midweek Mayhem" promotion, which provides patrons with lower prices on beverages and food throughout the workweek. To advertise their events and discounts, they also use social media campaigns and place ads in neighbourhood magazines.

In conclusion

The previously mentioned bar marketing campaigns won't go out of style even though trends change frequently. Any establishment that caters to its customers stays in business. These are crucial marketing strategies that you ought to use. Understanding your product or service and what your customers want is key to effective marketing strategies. When you can build a bridge to connect these two, marketing is successful, and your business expands.

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