April 12, 2023
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10 Effective Ways to Market Your Pub in the UK

Discover effective ways you can market your Pub in the UK

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Similar to many other businesses, successfully running a popular pub comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most common challenges faced by pub owners is marketing and promotion. With the ever-evolving business landscape, it can be quite challenging to make your pub stand out from the competition. If you want to learn more about how to effectively market your UK pub, keep reading.

To effectively market your pub in the UK, it's important to find a creative balance between modern and traditional methods. However, it's crucial to be mindful of the laws and regulations surrounding the promotion of alcohol and beverages. But don't worry - there are still plenty of ways to promote your pub creatively while staying within legal boundaries.

Importance of Marketing Your UK Pub

If you want your UK pub to be successful, marketing is an essential component. By promoting your pub through various channels, including social media, advertising, and events, you can broaden your reach and attract new customers. This increased visibility can help you establish your brand and differentiate your pub from competitors, highlighting your unique offerings. It's crucial to develop a clear marketing strategy and regularly assess its effectiveness to ensure maximum impact. As an expert in this field, we highly recommend investing in marketing efforts as a means of driving growth and profitability for your UK pub.

Ways to Market Your UK Pub

The difference between your pub and the next is your marketing strategy. Check out some of the ways you can have the edge over your competition.

Tap Into the Power of social media!

With the evolution of digital marketing and technology, one of the best ways to market your UK pub is by leveraging social media. Almost half of the people in your locale are on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. You have a good advantage in letting people know about your pub when you put your business out there. If you are on a budget, advertising on social media is a better option because it is free.

All you need to do is post nice pictures of your pub and engage your audience with interesting Reels. If you are uncertain about what kind of content to post on your page, you can observe other people in the same business as yours. Research their pattern and create your unique style from that.

Use The Influence of Influencers

Undoubtedly, the rise of social media has opened up numerous opportunities and careers. As more and more people become captivated by social media, social media influencers have emerged as one of the best options for promoting your UK pub business.

Identify popular influencers or content creators who specialise in food and drinks. Once you've found them, reach out to them and offer business deals to promote your pub business. Keep in mind that they don't necessarily have to create content solely on food and drinks. As long as they have a substantial following, they can be a valuable asset to your marketing strategy.

In addition to collaborating with social media influencers, it's essential to have a well-optimised profile on all your social media accounts. This will ensure that people have accurate information about your pub when they are directed to your page by an influencer. If your business information is incomplete or outdated, influencers may end up promoting your pub for the sake of it, without actually knowing what you offer. Make sure to include essential details such as contact information, descriptions, opening hours, website links, and any other information you want your potential customers to know about.

Consider the Options of Super Pub

To begin with, it's important to understand what a super pub is. Unlike a regular pub that only offers drinks, a super pub provides a variety of options for different types of people who want to unwind and socialise.

A super pub can have a sports or game centre, providing a fun and relaxed environment for people to enjoy drinks while watching their favourite teams or playing games. It can also have sections for people who prefer to bond over drinks and food, areas for individuals who want to enjoy their drinks alone, and even a designated children's area where parents can keep their kids entertained during business or important meetings.

By creating a super pub, you can attract a diverse range of customers, expanding your target audience and increasing foot traffic. With something for everyone, people will be drawn to your pub, making it a popular spot in town.

Have an Outstanding Design

It's no secret that people are naturally attracted to beautiful things. If you want to make your pub stand out and become well-known, it's important to have a distinct design that entices people to drink and dine in your establishment.

When we talk about having a good design, we mean that your pub should look outstanding both inside and out. A magnificent exterior will pique people's curiosity and draw them inside to see what the interior looks like. On the other hand, if your pub looks shabby and disorganised from the outside, potential customers may assume that the inside is the same way.

Investing in the exterior design of your pub is a smart move. It's the first thing people will see when they search for your business online, and it can make a big difference in attracting new customers. You can consider adding plants or ornamental arts and crafts to give your pub a unique and inviting look that sets it apart from the competition.

Check For Reviews

To boost your pub business, it's crucial to gather reviews and feedback from customers. Review sites are often the first stop for potential customers when deciding whether or not to visit a business. Without knowing what your target audience is saying about you on these platforms, it's challenging to promote your pub effectively. Positive reviews indicate that people are satisfied with your services and will recommend your pub to others, which can attract more customers.

On the other hand, negative reviews can highlight areas of improvement for your pub. To get a comprehensive understanding of your business's performance, you should monitor multiple review sites instead of just one. This will give you a more comprehensive overview of what people think about your pub, helping you determine where you need to improve.

To create a positive image for your pub business, it's essential to maintain a professional demeanour when responding to feedback. Avoid engaging in negative or heated exchanges and instead approach everyone with a warm and pleasant attitude. By doing so, you can establish a good reputation and promote your pub effectively.

Get familiar with other Pubs!

To excel in your field, it's important to observe and learn from others who are doing the same or better than you. As a pub business owner, networking with other pub owners is essential. You can visit them in person or follow them on social media to gain insight into their operations.

By learning from their mistakes and studying their style, you can improve your brand. It's recommended that you follow pubs that are more established and successful than yours. By analysing their strategies, you can identify what has worked for them and adapt it to your own business in a more refined way.

Observing and following more successful pubs not only inspires but also opens the door for continuous improvement in your own business.

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Engage Your audience on social media!

If you want to market and run a successful pub business effectively, carry followers along. First, you need to create good content that will garner engagement and comments from people on social media. By responding and engaging with the comments of your followers, you build a rapport with them and they, in turn, become loyal to your brand.

Host Tasting Events

In the beverage industry, tasting events are popular among enthusiasts. Such events satisfy curiosity, help people relax, and provide an opportunity to sample different flavours. As a pub owner, hosting a wine or beverage-tasting event is a great way to promote your business.

To make your event more interesting, you can have it themed around a popular drink or beverage. You can also include various types of food tasting to spice things up. Providing free food is an excellent way to attract a large crowd to your pub.

Prioritise Great Food

To run a successful pub business, it is important to prioritise the quality of your food and drinks. No matter how great your marketing strategies or fancy your pub may be, if your food and drinks fall short, you risk losing customers. After all, food and drinks are among the key reasons why people choose to patronise pubs.

Serving subpar food can quickly ruin your business. It is important to constantly innovate and introduce new recipes, as well as hire skilled chefs and mixologists. Exceptional food and drinks can keep your customers coming back, and positive reviews on social media or word-of-mouth recommendations can draw in new customers. This is why prioritising the quality of your meals and beverages is crucial for the success of your pub.

Organise Online Competitions regularly!

Throwing competitions regularly will help promote your pub by attracting new and old customers. After all, everyone likes free things. When there is a prize at stake to be won, people will flood your page.

That way, you are marketing and creating awareness of your brand. To throw a competition, you must do it in a way that will be convenient and easy for people to win. If it is a difficult task, people will not pay much attention to your competition. To gain more visibility, The reward or prizes of the competition can be a free drink or food in your bar or items with your Pub’s logo on them.


In conclusion, marketing is an essential component of running a successful pub in the UK. By using a combination of traditional and modern marketing methods, you can differentiate your pub from competitors and attract new customers. It's important to be mindful of the regulations surrounding the promotion of alcohol and beverages while promoting your pub creatively. Leveraging social media, collaborating with influencers, creating a super pub, having an outstanding design, and gathering reviews are effective ways to market your pub. With a clear marketing strategy, you can drive growth and profitability for your pub business. Remember, the difference between your pub and the next is your marketing strategy, so invest in it wisely.

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